Continuous Improvement in Client Satisfaction Continuous Improvement in Client Satisfaction



Client satisfaction is a crucial factor in the sales management of Commerzbank. In the private clients segment it is measured by the so-called Net Promoter Score (NPS), an internationally recognised standard.

Every year we conduct a telephone poll of some 15,000 clients per month, asking them if they would recommend their Commerzbank branch to a friend or colleague. The survey results, which are made available to the relevant advisors and managers, become the basis for continuous improvement in client service and consequently in client satisfaction. In 2018 the share of our private and small business customers that were very willing to recommend Commerzbank - the so-called "promoters" - was yet again above 60%.

In addition to the regular NPS exercise, we also conduct other surveys which help us to better understand our clients and their needs. So when it came to developing our latest private client policy, understanding the client played a central role. The survey results are used in other areas too, such as new product development and making our services more client-centered.