Continuous Improvement in Client Satisfaction Continuous Improvement in Client Satisfaction


Net Promoter Score

The willingness of Commerzbank customers to recommend the Bank plays an important role in the sales management of Commerzbank. The ongoing quality benchmark we have used for years in the Private Customers segment is the net promoter score (NPS), an internationally recognised standard for measuring customer satisfaction.

Each month around 7,000 customers of Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft are asked in a brief telephone interview whether they would recommend their branch or advisory unit to others. The findings from open feedback are used to improve customer service and thereby achieve a lasting increase in customer satisfaction. The proportion of Commerzbank's private and small-business customers with a strong willingness to recommend the Bank (promoters) was once again stable at 57% in 2021. In addition, satisfaction is measured via other contact channels such as the customer centre or online banking in order to have a positive influence on the customer experience in these channels. The high level of customer willingness to recommend the Commerzbank brand comdirect is also reflected in an NPS value of 52%, while the proportion of promoters is even 64%.

Customer Barometer

Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft additionally garners important insights through its “Customer Barometer” strategic customer loyalty study. To this end, around 3,800 customers in the Private and Small-Business Customers segment are surveyed over a full-year period. Indicators of overall satisfaction, recommendation and competitive advantage are established and subsequently consolidated into the KUBIX customer loyalty index. The resulting key figures are supplemented by the evaluation of individual aspects of the Bank’s offering (e.g. product and service components) in order to improve these and the associated customer perception of quality.


Customer satisfaction is also a high priority for mBank. Projects such as “mSatisfaction” are designed to further strengthen customer loyalty. mBank measures satisfaction with the relationship in general and with particular products and processes in retail and corporate banking by using the NPS. The results in both customer segments substantially exceeded the Polish industry average in the year 2021.