Carbon Trading to Protect the Climate Carbon Trading to Protect the Climate


CO2 emissions trading is one of the key instruments to reduce GHG emissions cost-effectively and incentivise investments in low carbon technology (energy efficiency and renewable energy). Commerzbank is one of the leading banks in the European emissions trading market. As one of the sector's driving forces, we are a reliable partner for European companies as well as German SMEs in their search for innovative solutions to managing CO2 risks.

The EU's emissions trading system sets strict upper limits for the industrial greenhouse gas emissions of each member state. If these values are exceeded, emission allowances must be purchased. The number of allowances is restricted, which gives each allowance a value (based on the minimum cost of dealing with the emissions). Companies can then decide which is the better option: purchasing allowances or reducing emissions. Emissions trading can therefore lead to a reduction in greenhouse gases. As an incentive for a company to reduce its emissions and invest in modern technology, it is an efficient way of helping to reduce the risk of climate change. In order to establish a wordwide price for CO2 emission according to the cost for the damage caused by greenhouse gases, Commerzbank is part of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) of the World Bank.

With years of experience in this market and extensive expertise in emissions trading, Commerzbank can offer its customers core competencies in what is an important market of the future.

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