Corporate Responsibility Report 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report 2015


How sustainable can a bank be?

What responsibility do banks have – and where does it end? How much sustainability can we afford if it also means passing up business opportunities? What potential does a sustainable business model have – and what kind of risks does irresponsible action have? Issues of sustainability gain in importance for every target group of the bank – for clients, employees, shareholders and the intrigued public. We deal with these issues in our Corporate Responsibility Magazine 2015 – “CR Magazine” in short. Commerzbank’s definition and implementation of its responsibility is illustrated by means of concrete cases. Therein colleagues get a word in edgewise who work with such topics everyday.

The second part of our Corporate Responsibilty Report is the so-called GRI report. In this new abridgement we clarify facts and figures of our sustainability achievement for the experts in detail. Thereby we comply with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a worldwide approved standard for operating figures regarding sustainability. At the same time, the GRI report serves as communication on progress regarding the ten principles of the UN Global Compact which we joined in 2006. With over 7,000 member companies it represents the largest network for corporate responsibility in the world.

In the ranking of the sustainability reports 2015 by IÖW / future, Commerzbank is ranked fourth with 481 points among 79 major companies. The average score was 311 points. As one of only two reports, Commerzbank received full points in the "credibility" category.