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Reporting according to CSR directive

The success of Commerzbank is shaped not just by financial factors, but also by a wide range of non-financial criteria. We therefore welcome the EU Directive on the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information as an important step towards putting corporate social responsibility (CSR) at the heart of corporate management and reporting. This directive was implemented in German law with binding effect starting in financial year 2017. We publish our combined separate non-financial reports within the Annual Report and archived all issues separately on this web page.

The non-financial report 2021 - published 28 March 2022 - was subject to a business audit to obtain limited assurance, performed by the auditing firm Ernst & Young, in accordance with ISAE 3000 (Revised). The certification of the business audit is integrated in the PDF document:

Combined separate non-financial report 2021 (PDF, 603 kB)

Gold for NFR 2020

In the ranking of the sustainability reports of Zielke Research consult, Commerzbank ranked first among 110 rated German credit institutions (Mai 2022).