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E-Mobility enhanced (1 March 2019)

From March 2019 five buildings of Commerzbank in Frankfurt will gradually be equipped with charging stations for private electric cars of employees. As Commerzbank procures 100% renewable energy since 2013, employees will charge their cars at this stations solely with green energy. more

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Reporting positively rated (26 February 2019)

Commerzbank has been awarded the 5th place out of 69 large companies in the ranking of sustainability reports by IÖW/future. With 456 points Commerzbank was rated well above the 314 point average. The evaluated reports were the Corporate Responsibility Magazine 2017 and the GRI report 2017. Commerzbank was the only company to receive full points in the category “Targets and Programme”. more

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Commerzbank pledges climate neutrality (21 February 2019)

Commerzbank has further strengthened its commitment to climate action by pledging to “Climate Neutral Now”. The UN-Initiative was launched in 2015 and aims at encouraging all levels of society to take climate action and to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050, by measuring one’s Greenhouse Gas emissions, reducing them wherever possible and compensating the remaining emissions. more

Investment in North-Sea wind farm (20 February 2019)

For around 227 million Euros Commerz Real has acquired 27 % of the project company of the offshore wind farm Veja Mate, thus becoming the largest stakeholder of the consortium. With 67 wind turbines and a total output of 402 megawatts, Veja Mate is one of the biggest German offshore wind farms that can power 400.000 households with clean energy. Commerz Real plans to contribute its stake in Veja Mate to its Institutional Infrastructure Offshore Fund, a special AIF (alternative investment fund) in the form of a closed asset administration investment company. more


Commerzbank in Corporate Knights Global 100 (24 January 2019)

Commerzbank has been included for the first time in Corporate Knight’s “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Index” (G100) and has reached the 67th place in the 2019 ranking. Of the five German corporations included in the index Commerzbank has received the second-best rating and is under the top 10 of 14 listed global banks. more


Commerzbank’s code of conduct distinguished (22 January 2019)

The trade journal Compliance Manager has analysed the codes of conduct of large German companies. Commerzbank’s code of conduct is tied for first place together with Daimler, E.ON, Siemens and Avista Oil. The editors of Compliance Manager especially highlighted that issues are presented “in a suitable language and without judgement”, giving all information necessary for a comprehensive understanding and naming the right contact persons. Therefore, Commerzbank consistently received the mark 1. more