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Commerzbank includes sustainability information in share votes (26 November 2019)

Since November, Commerzbank publishes sustainability ratings in its share votes, which are delivered in partnership with the data analysis company Arabesque S-Ray GmbH. This means that institutional investors who obtain their equity research from Commerzbank receive quantitative sustainability scores from Arabesque S-Ray in addition to the fundamental equity ratings prepared by the bank. Arabesque S-Ray evaluates how companies are compliant with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and delivers a score on financially material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. This information is be published in addition to Commerzbank’s fundamental votes. more


Lead the way in climate protection (13 November 2019)

In the Commerzbank 5.0 strategy program, the bank has announced that it will pursue sustainability issues more vigorously. One aspect of this is the climate impact of the bank's own operations, i.e. the operational ecology. Therefore the Board of Managing Directors has passed mobility package which will reduce the Bank's emissions by further 900 tonnes of CO2 per year in the future. Measures include a mobility grant for public transport, stronger incentives for low-emission driving through the changes in the bank car policy, a more restrictive handling of short-haul flights and further energy efficiency measures for the Bank's buildings. more

Commerzbank signs Green Investment Principles for Belt and Road (12 November 2019)

At a press conference in Shanghai today, Commerzbank announced its signing of the Green Investment Principles (GIP) for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The GIP aims to incorporate low-carbon and sustainable development into projects in BRI countries, which represent approximately 40% of the World’s total land area and 55% of total CO2 emissions. more

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Award of German Reading Prize 2019 (6 November 2019)

The "Deutscher Lesepreis" (German Reading Prize) is a joint initiative of Stiftung Lesen and the Commerzbank Foundation under the patronage of Prof. Monika Grütters, Minister of State for Culture and Media. This year's award, which is worth a total of 25,000 euros, was awarded to 16 people and institutions working for reading promotion at a festival in Berlin. Monika Grütters praised the innovative projects for promoting reading and their contribution to reading literacy as the key to knowledge, education and democratic participation. The special prize of the Commerzbank Foundation for prominent engagement went to Nazan Eckes this year. Since 2010, the presenter has been a reading ambassador of the Stiftung Lesen and is primarily committed to more reading time in families. more


Half a million square meters of forest planted (31 October 2019)

For a year now, the campaign "Paperless happy!" has been running. It aims at supporting resource-saving banking and growing more forests in Germany: For every new electronic mailbox, Commerzbank, in cooperation with the non-profit Bergwald project e.V., is foraging one square meter of forest in Germany - so far more than half a million. Due to its great success, we extend the campaign until at least the end of 2019. more


Green Mortgage: Interest rate discount promotes energy-efficient real estate (23 October 2019)

To make investments in energy efficiency even more profitable, Commerzbank offers discounted financing conditions for the construction or purchase of low-energy properties. The "Green Mortgage" grants an interest discount for buildings used by own or by third parties whose final energy consumption is less than 75 kWh per square meter of usable area. The prerequisite is a valid energy certificate that confirms the energy requirement. more

Social responsibility even more embedded in the future business model (26 September 2019)

The foundation for the economic success of Commerzbank is and always will be the social acceptance of its approach to business. This is emphasized by the bank as part of the new "Commerzbank 5.0" strategy, which plans to expand the green product range. As a responsible bank, Commerzbank has a longstanding position on controversial topics such as weapons, environmentally damaging energy sources and basic food speculation. Acting responsibly also includes careful handling of customer data and high data security. more

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Commerzbank signs Principles for Responsible Banking (23 September 2019)

Commerzbank is Founding Signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking, which have been developed by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) together with international financial institutes. The Principles for Responsible Banking are supposed to lead to more sustainability in the financial sector and herewith contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. Thereby Commerzbank commits itself to its responsibility to support companies in transforming their economic activities towards more sustainability. more


Employees involved in the Malteser Social Day (20 September 2019)

In 2019, for the eighth time in a row, Commerzbank participated in the nationwide Malteser Social Day, which attracted more than 320 employees this year. In cooperation with the Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V., they supported a total of 28 social projects in 9 cities throughout Germany from 16 to 20 September 2019. Since 2012, more than 3,000 employees have participated in Commerzbank. more

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Sustainability Report provides orientation (30 July 2019)

"How can a bank provide orientation?" Our Corporate Responsibility Magazine 2019 gives answers to this question for customers, colleagues and society. The second part of our sustainability reporting is our GRI Report. In this annual overview, we explain in detail the facts and figures of our sustainability achievements in 2018 based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). more


Annual General Meeting’s CO2-emissions compensated (23 July 2019)

The carbon dioxide emissions of the Commerzbank 2019 General Meeting in the amount of 152 tonnes (previous year: 217) were balanced by the purchase of certificates of climate protection projects. With its climate strategy Commerzbank has set an ambitious goal for the reduction of CO2 emissions. Unavoidable emissions are compensated for through the acquisition of high-quality CO2 certificates. more

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Commerzbank stands up for diversity (18 July 2019)

Since Commerzbank has been working for a fair and unprejudiced working environment for many years, it again participates in this year's Christopher Street Day (CSD). Not only did we color our logo, for the first time ever we also illuminate our Frankfurt skyscraper in rainbow colors from 18 to 28 July. As done in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Munich and Stuttgart, the bank also sets up rainbow flags at various locations in Frankfurt. With this, Commerzbank sets a visible sign for diversity and acceptance.

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Commerzbank is a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index (15 July 2019)

Commerzbank is now part of the recognized FTSE4Good Index Series which makes the bank even more interesting for sustainably oriented investors. Launched in 2001, the FTSE4Good Index Series is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices. In four out of seven criteria, Commerzbank achieved the highest possible score and is thus above the sector and national average, according to FTSE Russell. more

Initiative pro Recyclingpapier

CEOs show their colours (17 June 2019)

Commerzbank supports the "Pro Recyclingpapier (IPR)" initiative and its "CEOs bekennen Farbe" campaign. The initiative was launched by a business alliance of 24 companies. Partners include the Federal Ministry for the Environment and NABU Germany. It aims to encourage enterprises to use recycling paper with the blue angel for their printed material. "Printer and copy paper is only available at Commerzbank in the recycling version with the 'Blue Angel'.[...] Only if we consistently pay attention to sustainable action, we can help realising the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, "says our CEO Martin Zielke in his statement. more


Climate target reached two years ahead of time (6 June 2019)

Commerzbank has been pursuing a climate strategy since 2008 which, among other things, envisages the reduction of CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2020 (starting from 2007). This target was reached in 2018, two years ahead of time. The biggest savings resulted from two individual measures: in 2010, the bank switched to LED lighting in outdoor advertising and windows of the local branch offices. In addition, since 2013, all 1,100 buildings in Germany have been completely supplied with green electricity. more

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Commerzbank ensures 132 new trees are being planted (27 Mai 2019)

In June 2018, Commerzbank committed to having one tree planted for each tonne of printer and copier paper saved over the next 5 years. Most importantly, the bank needed the awareness and commitment of its employees to achieve this goal. Awareness-raising measures regarding the environment and energy raised attention to the topics. The results are savings of 132 tons of printer and copier paper in 2018 and therefore a donation for 132 trees to Plant for the Planet. The bank is confident that the trend towards a paperless office will continue in 2019 as well. more


Two awards for promotion of women (12 April 2019)

The Commerzbank has twice made it to the podium for women's careers. According to a recent study commissioned by the "Deutschland Test", Commerzbank offers top career opportunities for women. About 5,000 companies from 150 sectors were surveyed. Commerzbank emerged victorious in the banking industry from the test. In addition, Commerzbank was honored on April 8 with this year's Helga Stödter Prize of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. She receives the award in addition to the Beiersdorf AG in the category "big company" for her engagement in the field of mixed leadership. In particular, the jury paid tribute to the segment- and hierarchy-independent Courage employee network, which is particularly committed to promoting career development and networking women.


Lights off - Environmental awareness on (30 March 2019)

Once again Commerzbank took part in the worldwide Earth Hour. On 30 March the lights in several buildings in Frankfurt and Berlin were turned off for one hour. Far beyond these 60 minutes the initiative strives to motivate people for a more sustainable life. Commerzbank has long been active in climate protection. We have designed a climate strategy that alignes our existing activities with those we plan for the future. more

Non-financial Report (27 March 2019)

The success of Commerzbank Group is shaped not just by financial factors, but also by a wide range of non-financial criteria. These were published today in a combined separate non-financial report within the Annual Report 2018. The non-financial report 2018 was subject to a business audit to obtain limited assurance, performed by the auditing firm Ernst & Young. more


E-Mobility enhanced (1 March 2019)

From March 2019 five buildings of Commerzbank in Frankfurt will gradually be equipped with charging stations for private electric cars of employees. As Commerzbank procures 100% renewable energy since 2013, employees will charge their cars at this stations solely with green energy. more

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Reporting positively rated (26 February 2019)

Commerzbank has been awarded the 5th place out of 69 large companies in the ranking of sustainability reports by IÖW/future. With 456 points Commerzbank was rated well above the 314 point average. The evaluated reports were the Corporate Responsibility Magazine 2017 and the GRI report 2017. Commerzbank was the only company to receive full points in the category “Targets and Programme”. more

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Commerzbank pledges climate neutrality (21 February 2019)

Commerzbank has further strengthened its commitment to climate action by pledging to “Climate Neutral Now”. The UN-Initiative was launched in 2015 and aims at encouraging all levels of society to take climate action and to achieve a climate neutral world by 2050, by measuring one’s Greenhouse Gas emissions, reducing them wherever possible and compensating the remaining emissions. more

Investment in North-Sea wind farm (20 February 2019)

For around 227 million Euros Commerz Real has acquired 27 % of the project company of the offshore wind farm Veja Mate, thus becoming the largest stakeholder of the consortium. With 67 wind turbines and a total output of 402 megawatts, Veja Mate is one of the biggest German offshore wind farms that can power 400.000 households with clean energy. Commerz Real plans to contribute its stake in Veja Mate to its Institutional Infrastructure Offshore Fund, a special AIF (alternative investment fund) in the form of a closed asset administration investment company. more


Commerzbank in Corporate Knights Global 100 (24 January 2019)

Commerzbank has been included for the first time in Corporate Knight’s “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Index” (G100) and has reached the 67th place in the 2019 ranking. Of the five German corporations included in the index Commerzbank has received the second-best rating and is under the top 10 of 14 listed global banks. more


Commerzbank’s code of conduct distinguished (22 January 2019)

The trade journal Compliance Manager has analysed the codes of conduct of large German companies. Commerzbank’s code of conduct is tied for first place together with Daimler, E.ON, Siemens and Avista Oil. The editors of Compliance Manager especially highlighted that issues are presented “in a suitable language and without judgement”, giving all information necessary for a comprehensive understanding and naming the right contact persons. Therefore, Commerzbank consistently received the mark 1. more