Commerzbank Compliance

We align our actions with the highest ethical values, integrity and fairness and are committed to complying with all applicable laws, policies, market standards and transparency obligations.

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What does compliance mean?

Compliance describes the orderly and law-abiding actions of all business areas and is the basis of our corporate responsibility. Compliance is therefore an integral part of risk management in our company.

As new legal requirements are constantly emerging from the authorities and business processes are constantly changing, we are continuously working on the optimisation and further development of compliance-relevant processes within the bank.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct structures important regulations thematically and is at the same time the Bank's invitation to comply with the rules. The Code of Conduct goes beyond legal and regulatory requirements and sets standards for employees in the Commerzbank Group. It also provides guidance for our service providers and suppliers, who must commit to integrity in their dealings with us. We also use the Code of Conduct to demonstrate to our customers and investors that we are aware of our responsibility and actively shape integrity.

Compliance Program

Focus of our compliance management

Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements to prevent and combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Sanctions and embargos

Compliance with financial and economic sanctions regulations and the supplementary regulatory requirements.

Prevention of fraud

In all areas, we are strongly committed to preventive anti-fraud measures.

Managing conflicts of interest

With the aim of avoiding conflicts of interest and resolving conflict situations appropriately, Commerzbank has introduced a system for conflict-of-interest management.


The anti-corruption compliance program addresses Commerzbank employees and the bank's business partners.

Third Party Risk Management

Commerzbank is aware of its corporate responsibility to respect human and environmental rights.


The trust of our customers is our most important asset. Therefore, we take the protection of their personal data very seriously.

Whistleblower system

In its corporate values, the Commerzbank Group is committed to behaving with integrity in its dealings with each other and with its customers. In addition to the established channels of contact, for example via the Compliance or Audit departments, Commerzbank has set up the Business Keeper Monitoring System (BKMS system), a platform through which customers, employees and third parties can provide information to the Commerzbank Group online.

We have set up this system exclusively to receive reports about possible financial criminal activities and breaches of legal, regulatory or internal requirements within the Commerzbank Group. The abuse of this system for other purposes may constitute a criminal offence.

Training course for compliance officer

Together with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Commerzbank established Germany's first training course for compliance officers (CCP) in 2008. The part-time course of study makes a significant contribution to professionalizing the subject of compliance in companies.