Accessibility at Commerzbank

Accessibility as the basis for inclusive working and banking

Woman sitting at a desk in a wheelchair and holding a tablet

Accessibility for our customers and employees

Accessibility ensures access to products and processes in everyday working and business life. It ensures participation and thus diversity for a good and happy life together. Inclusion is therefore not only a human right enshrined by the United Nations, but also an obligation for every employee at Commerzbank.

Free access to our branches

Today, three out of four branches are already accessible without barriers. Our aim with conversions and new buildings is to create the best possible access. In addition, we are gradually installing guidance systems for the customers with visual restrictions.

Expansion of digital customer channels

We have been planning our digital banking to be perceptible, operable, understandable and robust via at least two sensory channels, and not just since the Barrier-Free Act was published. For example, our goal is to make our mobile apps, online banking, and self-service devices easy to use. This includes ATMs and banking terminals.

First Bank with an action plan for inclusion

In 2018, we became the first bank in Germany to publish an action plan for inclusion. Its goal is to implement a concrete package of measures to create a barrier-free and inclusive working world. We are continuing subsequently along this path with our new “Action Plan 2.0.” which was published in 2023.

-> Action Plan Inclusion 1.0. – Different together (2018)

-> Action Plan Inclusion 2.0. – Sustainably inclusive (2023)

Active employees: Accessibility competence team and IDEAL network

The bank created an accessibility competence team as early as 2010. In 2017, employees also founded the IDEAL network for colleagues with and without disabilities. IDEAL stands for Integration of people with Disabilities and Equality of their Labor. Its goals are to promote the inclusion of employees with disabilities in all areas of Commerzbank and to create a platform for information and exchange with those affected.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our diversity strategy is based on trust and appreciation. The focus is on people with their different perspectives and talents. This has a sustainable impact on the success of the company and society. We understand inclusion to mean a corporate culture that includes everyone and in which everyone can be themselves. And this regardless of age, gender, origin, disability, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity.