Managing Reputational Risk

Integrating Reputational Risk Management in our operations

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What does Reputational Risk Management include?

In addition to managing issues and projects relevant to sustainability, Commerzbank's corporate responsibility includes the early identification and appropriate handling of environmental and/ or social risks. The evaluation of these risks is incorporated into the group’s overall risk strategy and management as part of the management of reputational risk.

Reputational risk is the danger of a loss of confidence or reputation for Commerzbank among its stakeholders or the harming of its image as a result of negative events in the course of its business activities. Stakeholders comprise members of the general public, the media, employees and customers, rating agencies, shareholders, and business partners.

Reputational Risk Management at Commerzbank

The Reputational Risk Management department uses a qualitative approach to reputational risk management, and to this end cooperates closely with other relevant units. Transactions and business relationships in which aspects of sustainability play a material role are extensively researched, analysed and subjected to comprehensive evaluation. This assessment can lead to the rejection of a transaction or termination of a business relationship.

Sensitive areas that are subjected to regular and thorough analysis by Reputational Risk Management, for example, include defence business or business involving energy production or the mining of commodities. Commerzbank's stance on these issues is reflected in positions and guidelines that are binding for all employees. You can find all positions and further information regarding the assessment process within our ESG Framework in the chapter “Transformation Finance”. Here we also describe our exclusionary and evaluation criteria. Regular presentations and workshops in Germany and abroad and the reputational risk newsletter, raise staff awareness of current issues.

Commerzbank’s Reputational Risk Management department regularly monitors and analyses emerging environmental and social issues. Furthermore, the department is also responsible for raising awareness of reputational risks, thus supporting the relevant units to identify fundamental risks in a timely manner.

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