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We live diversity every day. Due to responsibility for our employees, customers, business partners - and for society as a whole.

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Action Plan Inclusion

With our new Action Plan 2.0 we connect inclusion even stronger to our engagement for Diversity and Sustainability.

Sustainably inclusive.

Living diversity

Our diversity strategy is based on trust and appreciation. The focus is on people with their different perspectives and talents. This has a sustainable impact on the success of the company and society.

We understand inclusion to be a corporate culture that includes everyone and in which everyone can be themselves. Regardless of age, gender, origin, disability, faith, sexual orientation or gender affiliation.

We all want to learn from each other and increasingly develop the working environment at Commerzbank globally into a place free of prejudice. Diversity benefits not only our employees, but also our customers, business partners and shareholders. Diversity is an integral part of our sustainability strategy and our shared social responsibility.

Our goal is to break with unconscious biases and to establish a diverse society as part of the bank's day to day culture. We want a corporate culture in which the personality and dignity of all people is respected and everyone is included. This is important to us, which is why we have incorporated our stance - against discrimination and disadvantage - into the bank's Code of Conduct.

Diversity is no longer just an HR management issue. It is part of the bank's sustainability management and our joint responsibility!

Our fields of action

Diversity management at Commerzbank focuses on so-called areas of action.

Promoting gender equality and in particular the promotion of women has a long tradition at the bank.

With the "Action Plan for Inclusion" based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the bank set a clear signal for more inclusion of people with disabilities. We are continuing this path with our “Action Plan 2.0.”

As an internationally active bank, we are aware of the strengths that employees with diverse cultural backgrounds can contribute.

For many employees, their faith is also important in their day-to-day work.

Respect and appreciation are a matter of course for us towards all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation.

More than 20 years ago, Commerzbank was the first company in Germany to offer company childcare.

Analogous to the demographic development, offers for the compatibility of care and work are becoming increasingly important.

Employee Resource Groups in Germany

We are proud of our seven employee networks with a total of 1,500 employees. With their personalities and diverse experiences, they act as diversity ambassadors across all business units. In doing so, they promote a vibrant and diverse corporate culture. The network members enrich our corporate culture by developing the environment together with diversity management for the benefit of all colleagues. They organize events, provide information and support, and encourage discussion and exchange.

Below you will find an overview of our Employee Resource Groups in Germany:

  • "Courage" (since 1998): Women's network of Commerzbank
  • "ARCO" (since 2002): Pride Network of Commerzbank
  • "Focus Fathers" (since 2004): Network for reconciling fatherhood and career
  • "Cross Culture" (since 2013): Intercultural network
  • "Care" (since 2013): Network for employees with relatives in need of care
  • "Ichthys" (since 2017): Christian network
  • "IDEAL" (since 2018): Network for employees with disabilities

The above Employee Resouce Groups refer to active German employee networks. There are further networks in our international locations that support our diversity and inclusion initiatives world wide.


Accessibility ensures access to products and processes in everyday working and business life. It ensures participation and thus diversity for a good and happy life together. Inclusion is therefore not only a human right enshrined by the United Nations, it is also an obligation for every employee at Commerzbank.

Our commitment in renowned networks

Cross-company networks are very important to us because we benefit from professional exchange in many ways.

With PROUT AT WORK, we have the right partner to flank our initiatives to promote the LGBT-IQ community.

The German UnternehmensForum zur Inklusion brings together companies and associations that are committed to the idea of inclusion of people with disabilities.

Commerzbank is a founding member of the "Diversity Charter", which promotes diversity in the working environment in Germany.

Genderdax is a project of HSU Hamburg and Lübeck University of Applied Sciences that has been bringing together companies with a proven commitment to the advancement of women and gender equality since 2008.

By signing the UN Women's Empowerment Principles in 2018, Commerzbank committed to promoting gender equality.

Our awards

Many awards and regular certifications of our D&I initiatives confirm our successful work.

Diversity and Inclusion - London Branch

Our Commerzbank UK Branch has a number of external reporting obligations. In this section we would like to share with your our current data on the UK Gender Pay Gap and our annual progress report related to the Women in Finance Charter pledge which we signed in 2019.

Gender Pay Gap Reports

Women in Finance Charter

Diversity in figures

Regular monitoring of the available key figures in the diversity environment is an important basis for strategic considerations and decisions on specific measures.

40percentage of women in management positions by 2030.

Proportion of people with disabilities lies at 6.27%.

Action Plan Inclusion 1.0 (2018) (German only)

Action Plan Inclusion 2.0 (2023)

Employees from more than 120 nations at approximately 50 locations.

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