Employee participation

Forms of employee participation

A group of colleagues

People make the success

Success comes from open and transparent collaboration. A modern employer systematically uses the full potential of its employees and involves them in the company's activities across the hierarchy. This includes surveying employees and their needs, perceiving and utilizing their creative ideas, and giving them the opportunity for co-determination. They form the basis for a healthy corporate culture and positive identification with the bank. Employee participation is an elementary component of future-oriented corporate management.

Ideas Management

Today it is an idea, tomorrow it is a standard!

For us in idea management it is our task to involve employees actively. In addition to customer orientation, the participation of all employees is a guarantee for innovative products and the best possible processes.

All Colleagues are invited to share their ideas and impulses within the bank. Experts in the respective domain review the ideas and implement the best of them. Additionally, idea campaigns based on clear questions are used to target the know-how and creativity of our employees. This generates as many ideas as possible on the topic within a given timeframe.

The aim of idea management is to continuously question and improve the bank's products and processes. We focus on turning "stakeholders into participants" and enable employees to create the future of Commerzbank.

Best Practice Idea Management

The abandonment of printed statements in the foreign payment transactions of corporate customers is a good example of a successful implementation. Now, the electronic account statement is a legal alternative to paper statements. With the help of this employee idea, paper consumption has been significantly reduced and thus cost savings could be achieved.

Interest groups

Co-determination - participation of our employees

It is important for us to work constructively with our employees' representatives. Numerous work agreements document the intensive cooperation with employee representatives. Commerzbank maintains a regular, cooperative and constructive dialogue with employee representatives on all issues relevant to co-determination.

Works Council, General Youth and Apprentice Representation (GJAV) and Company Spokesperson Committee

At Commerzbank, the General Works Council, the General Youth and Trainee Council (GJAV), more than 20 local works councils, the Works Council at Head Office and the Company Spokespersons' Committee represent the interests of our employees.

Representative for severely disabled persons

Our Representative Council for Severely Disabled Employees consistently works to ensure that severely disabled and non-disabled people work together at Commerzbank on an equal footing. In addition to pragmatic aids and technical changes in the workplace, our employees are above all made aware of how to deal with illness and disability on a day-to-day basis.