Our company health management

We put our employees` health first

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Health is an indispensable basis for the performance of an organization and its workforce alike. Health management is therefore an important component of our HR work at Commerzbank. Our work focuses on the health issues of prevention, health promotion, advice and information.

We offer our employees a comprehensive range of information and advice on health-related topics and provide financial support as part of our company health management program.

From nutritional counselling to mental health services - Commerzbank's multifaceted health management goes far beyond legal requirements. As an employer, we take responsibility for the well-being of our employees. The aim of our occupational health management is to provide holistic support for the mental and physical health and social well-being of all employees. In particular, we take account the individually changing requirements of everyday working life and the extension of working lives.

The year 2022 was once again marked by the consequences of the Corona pandemic, which presented us with the major challenge of reconciling employee health protection with operational requirements: For example, we expanded the possibilities for mobile working. But even independently from the Corona pandemic, the requirements in the working world are changing. In particular, increasing digitalization is a strong driver here. We therefore want to enable employees and managers to deal with these changes in a healthy and responsible way. To this end, we offer preventive measures such as professional consulting and information services - for example, on how to deal with stress.

Healthcare providers as partners of health management

By switching to new healthcare providers, we offer our employees a digital, modern product portfolio to complement face-to-face formats in occupational health and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Online platforms and portals include a wide range of flexible, on-demand
formats such as webinars, audio formats, and video counselling with company physicians and EAP counsellors. In addition, employees of Commerzbank and its subsidiaries (in Germany) can use the new self-service offerings to book appointments for consultations and advice.

Help with psychosocial stress

Whether stress, conflicts, grief or addiction: Private and professional life is full of challenges. Then it`s helpful if you can (also) use professional help. That's exactly what the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is for.

EAP offers our employees and their family members living in the household competent counselling in difficult work and life situations. This service is also available to managers, HR advisors and interest groups - for anything that may affect physical and mental health. The service provider's experts answer questions confidentially, provide information, and work with inquirers to find solutions.

For example, immediate counselling in acute emergency situations is available to employees free of charge and around the clock, 365 days a year. In addition, our healthcare provider also offers a wide range of practical content on its comprehensive mental health platform, such as videos, podcasts, exercises and checklists. Furthermore, our employees can also sign-up for webinars and events at any time.

Occupational Medicine

Commerzbank offers its employees the opportunity to seek advice on health issues from the company doctors and their teams. They are subject to medical confidentiality and provide support on the following topics - if required, also on a long-term basis:

  • Physical, mental and social illnesses that may be caused by or affect work
  • Health-oriented design of the workplace
  • Preventive occupational health examinations, for example vision tests for VDU work - also available as an online consultation
  • Reintegration after a long illness (occupational integration management)
  • After frequent absences due to illness or a protracted illness, the step back into everyday working life is difficult sometimes. Our company integration management (BEM) supports employees in this process. It comes into force as a statutory procedure if employees have been absent from work due to illness for a total of at least six weeks within a twelve-month period. It does not matter whether employees have been absent due to a permanent illness or several different illnesses. Participation in BEM is voluntary. Measures to support employees as part of the BEM include, for example, measures such as the procurement of an ergonomic chair or a height-adjustable desk, reduction of working hours or changes to the working time situation.
  • Workplace integration of employees with disabilities
  • Preventive health protection during business trips abroad
  • Addictive disorders (Addictions) - preventive and acute
  • Health check-up every two years for senior executives of Commerzbank AG Germany

Further initiatives