ESG Committee of the Supervisory Board

Sustainability anchored at all levels of the Group

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Tasks of the ESG Committee

The Supervisory Board also advises and monitors the Board of Management with regards to sustainability issues. To reflect the increasing importance of sustainability for the bank, the Supervisory Board established the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee in 2022. This committee generally meets four times a year.

It supports the Supervisory Board in examining whether the Management Board is complying with an economically viable and sustainable development of the company. And in doing so, also respecting the principles of good and responsible corporate governance. It also examines whether it is fulfilling the company's social responsibility and at the same time preserving the natural resources of the environment. In addition, the ESG Committee advises the Board of Managing Directors on ESG issues.

Composition of the ESG Committee

The ESG Committee consists of at least three members each of the Supervisory Board representing the shareholders and the employees.

The committee, under the leadership of the oldest member at age present, elects the chairman of the committee and the deputy. The chairman coordinates the work of the committee and is authorised to make and accept declarations on behalf of the ESG Committee. At least one member of the committee shall have special knowledge and experience in the field of ESG.

Representation of the shareholdersDr. Gertrude Tumpel-GugerellRepresentation of the employeesKerstin Jerchel
Representation of the shareholdersHarald ChristRepresentation of the employeesMaxi Leuchters
Representation of the shareholdersDr. Frank CzichowskiRepresentation of the employeesNina Olderdissen
Representation of the shareholdersSabine U. DietrichRepresentation of the employeesUwe Tschäge
Representation of the shareholdersDaniela MattheusRepresentation of the employees