Corporate culture

Three corporate values as a framework for collaboration

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Our values provide orientation for everyday life

Corporate values are the foundation of our corporate culture. They shape the way we interact with each other and with internal and external customers, business partners and society. The values show that we are aware of our corporate responsibility and are guided by traditional values.

To be in accordance with our values and rules, even if no one is watching – that is our basic conviction. Integrity is what can be expected of us since we expect it from ourselves.

We do our best every day. We enjoy taking ourselves further, and with it our team and Commerzbank. Because only when our customers realize that they are becoming more successful thanks to Commerzbank, we are more successful as well.

We are proud to take responsibility. For our teams, our customers, our industry and society. Our future is borne by all of us and Commerzbank is committed to its contribution.

The Commerzbank Culture Award

The Commerzbank Culture Award honors colleagues who lead the way and inspire us all.

With the Commerzbank Culture Award, the bank is setting a sign of recognition and appreciation. The award recognizes those who have shown an outstanding performance and have acted in a special way in accordance with our values of performance, responsibility or integrity.

The Commerzbank Culture Award is deliberately participatory: All employees can nominate their colleagues. On this basis, a jury makes a preselection before all employees are asked to vote for their favorite on the intranet. Every year in the first quarter, an in-person event takes place during which the winners receive their awards.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a statement of our commitment to the highest standards of ethical and moral behaviour.

The Code of Conduct divides important regulations into themes and is at the same time the Bank's request to abide by the rules. It exceeds legal and regulatory requirements and sets standards for employees in the Commerzbank Group. In addition, the code of conduct provides guidance for our service providers and suppliers, who must commit themselves to integrity. We also demonstrate to our customers and our investors that we are aware of responsibility and actively shape integrity.


Our purpose describes the higher meaning and the justification for Commerzbank's existence

Our purpose illustrates Commerzbank's right to exist. It is designed for the long term and is primarily intended to provide internal orientation, identification and motivation. In 2021, colleagues formulated the purpose in a cooperative process. It forms the overarching framework for the bank's transformation: "Creating perspectives for discerning people and companies".

This creates a framework for the projects, success and future of Commerzbank. Focus on the target group of our bank: Customers who can and want a lot – and thus also expect a lot from their bank. With our result orientation and performance strength, we are a strong partner for them.