Green Mobility for our employees

We empower and motivate our employees to adopt climate-friendly mobility options.

Cyclist in front of the Main river and the skyline of Frankfurt

Getting around in a climate-friendly way

Within its Net Zero strategy, Commerzbank has decided to further reduce its carbon footprint over the next few years. This includes, in particular, employee travel. This accounts for around a quarter of our total CO₂e emissions. For this reason, we make sure that we use environmentally friendly means of transport.

Our initiatives for more sustainable mobility

Business travel policy

Our business travel policy stipulates that business trips should be made by rail wherever possible and that the use of air travel should be largely avoided for short journeys. In addition, carpooling options are to be examined and, where possible, technical alternatives such as video and telephone conferencing are to be used.

Call a bike and Nextbike

The company bike program enables Commerzbank employees to move around the city healthily and quickly. All employees in Germany have the opportunity to get around in a climate-neutral way and contribute their own share to Commerzbank's climate goals through the "Call a bike" and Nextbike bicycles.


Commerzbank was the first DAX-listed company to enable its employees to lease a bicycle or e-bike. With the bank's bike lease offer, employees can make a contribution to their health and the environment as well as benefit from tax advantages. As with the bank car, the monthly leasing instalments are settled via a payment from the gross salary. This saves employees taxes and social security contributions. The offer includes fully comprehensive insurance with no deductible. It provides protection against theft, vandalism, battery damage and accidental damage.

Mobility subsidy for public transport

Since April 2020, employees have received a subsidy if they buy a monthly or annual local or long-distance public transport ticket for their commute to work. This subsidy amounts to 20 euros net per month. This applies to all employees who have not leased a bank car. The bank also pays this mobility allowance for the so-called 49-euro ticket ("Deutschland-Ticket") and corresponding even more favourable variants of this ticket by individual federal states.

DB job ticket

Commerzbank employees have the option of using a DB job ticket. This is a Deutsche Bahn route season ticket with a minimum term of twelve months. It can be used for any number of journeys on the selected route. The personal subscription also includes ride-sharing options. The price depends on the selected route, class and trains, i.e. local, IC/EC or even ICE. Bank employees receive a ten percent discount on long-distance travel.

Green pool car

Commerzbank has already converted its pool vehicles to more fuel-efficient models with lower CO₂e emissions. It has also reduced the total number by around 15 %. Optimised and digitalised deployment and demand planning has reduced the total number of vehicles by a further almost 30 %. As a result, we have also significantly reduced CO₂ emissions once again.

Employees at the Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart sites have been able to use pool vehicles with electric drives since 2015. They are available for business trips, including the necessary charging infrastructure. With a range of around 300 kilometres, the electric vehicles offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventionally powered vehicles. The stock of electric vehicles is being continuously expanded. Further e-vehicles are planned for the next few years in order to be able to operate the fleet as purely electrically as possible from 2026.

Electric vehicles

Since 2015, Commerzbank has also offered its employees electric vehicles for leasing. This means they can use them for a tax-advantaged deferred compensation. Currently, 60 % of the vehicle models are cars with an electric drive. This means they now make up the largest share of the offering in tax-privileged company car leasing. We also promote the use of e-vehicles with a monthly subsidy currently amounting to 100 euros.

The number of e-cars is growing continuously. It currently stands at around 500 electrically powered vehicles and is set to increase significantly in the future.

Aligning our buildings for more climate-friendly mobility

Bicycle cellar

To make it easier for our employees to travel to work by bicycle, we have bicycle cellars at numerous locations. These are used for the safe storage of bicycles. They also usually have adjoining changing rooms and showers.

E-charging stations

Six of the bank's buildings in Frankfurt are equipped with charging stations for employees' private electric vehicles. Commerzbank has been sourcing 100 % of its electricity from renewable energy sources since 2013. As a result, Commerzbank employees only charge their vehicles with green electricity. The service is to be extended to other locations throughout Germany by 2025.