Private and Small Business customers

With our wide range of products, we offer our customers the chance to manage their finances responsibly.

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Sustainable Banking means making responsible and conscious financial decisions. In this way, we can contribute to a future worth living. Find out how you can invest your money in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and finance projects or the transformation of your company with a sustainable approach.

Sustainability is a multi-layered concept that can be interpreted in different ways. For this reason, the specific sustainability aspects of each financial product and service offering are presented and explained in more detail via the provided links. All the following linked websites are available in German only.

Responsible product/service offering for private and small business customers

We want to guide our customers on the path to creating a sustainable society and support the sustainable transformation of their company with our sustainable financial products and service offerings.

Sustainability in financial consulting

We aim to provide fair and expert advice with our financial planning tools FinanzKompass, Strategiedialog and the Unternehmerdialog accompanied by partner offers such as Global Changer and the Impact Solutions platform.


With our FinanzKompass, we help private customers to better understand their individual financial situation and offer tailored recommendations based on customer data. In the category ,,Acting Sustainably”, our customers learn how they can act sustainably when it comes to financial matters.


The main advisory tool for our wealth management customers is the ,,Strategiedialog”. The inclusion of the customer’s personal goals and wishes as well as the holistic consideration of the customer’s entire assets are elementary. Based on the information provided by the customer, we perform an overall asset allocation including a medium- and long-term scenario analysis. Furthermore, we determine action tailored recommendations with the aim of optimising the customer’s portfolio in the best possible way and in line with the latest scientific findings.

Determine CO₂ footprint now

The CO₂ Calculator helps you determine your approximate personal CO₂ footprint. It thus provides clarity on areas of life with a need for additional climate protection. If you want to do something to protect the climate,


Our special consulting service ,,Zukunftsdialog” for small business customers, is designed to anticipate our customers’ issues and offer the best long-term solutions. The transformation towards a more sustainable economy affects all of us and creates immediate opportunities and risks. With the ,,Zukunftsdialog”, we want to play an active role in shaping this change – alongside our small business customers.

Partner for the sustainable transformation

Companies are called upon to make a contribution to climate protection. Whether for economic reasons, to meet legal requirements or out of personal conviction – sustainable action and the reduction of CO₂ are now part of every company. We support our customers together with our partners.

Optimise your Carbon Footprint

Reduce where possible – compensate where necessary.

Transparency about carbon emissions is the first step for climate change mitigation and saving energy.

Note: Video is only available in german.

Global Changer

Software solution for the recording and reduction of emissions

  • Easy collection of emissions data
  • Creation of an individual action plan for CO-reduction
  • Reporting function to track successes without Excel-chaos

Impact Solutions Plattform

Exclusive solutions for Commerzbank customers

  • Free CO-calculator for your company
  • Network with over 90 verified providers for solutions related to sustainability. With special conditions for Commerzbank customers
  • Solutions to offset CO-emissions and other environmental impacts

,,We plant values!”– Our customers and the German forest benefit from this cooperation

Commerzbank is one of the main sponsors of the non-profit organisation Bergwaldprojekt e.V. The cooperation started in October 2018: For every new electronic mailbox in our online banking system, Commerzbank reforested one square metre of forest in Germany by passing on the cost savings for paper, printing and mailing documents to Bergwaldprojekt. In this way, the bank and its customers jointly saved natural resources, reduced climate-damaging CO2 emissions, and supported the reforestation of German forests.

The cooperation has been continued through several activities since 2020. Various measures – e.g. by our asset management have made a significant contribution to achieving the impressive reforestation area of over 1.1 million square metres of public forest at 37 locations in Germany as of December 2023. In 2023, for example, we promoted the reforestation of additional 18,525 square metres of public forest in Germany for every customer who realigned their investment with a sustainable pronounced asset management.

Women & Finances

Our various content formats are designed to educate women in finance topics in order to encourage them to make independent and better financial decisions for their own future.