Benefits make compensation even more attractive

Benefits as an essential component of our compensation system

On a table there is an illuminated board with the words "Benefits". Next to it is a cup with pens and a piggy bank.

From company pension plans to risk coverage, mobility offers, recognition benefits and IT leasing - our benefits offer employees numerous attractive options. Our focus is on supporting them personally, professionally and privately, and expressing our appreciation.

Benefits as an essential component of our compensation system

Commerzbank wants to reward the commitment of its employees in the long term, above and beyond their remuneration. That is why we offer them a wide range of attractive additional benefits, which we regularly review, tailor to their needs and expand. We offer a wide range of benefits: insurance products that focus on the future of our employees, special employee conditions for banking products, services that help employees to manage their working lives well, increased mobility, vouchers for private events, and much more.

Hedging offers

Retirement provision

Commerzbank offers a variety of company pension modules to enable our employees to plan for their retirement optimally and at an early stage.

The basis is the basic pension plan, which is built on two foundations: automatic coverage via the BVV and benefits from the bank's direct commitment. The Versicherungsverein des Bankgewerbes, or BVV for short, provides comprehensive retirement, disability and survivors' benefits. For this purpose, the bank and the employees share the monthly contributions to be paid to the BVV. In addition, the employees have a claim from the bank's direct commitment. Depending on the individual's time of entry into the company, the Commerzbank capital plan for old-age provision (CKA) or the Commerzbank modular plan for company pension provision (CBA) applies. Both plans are defined contribution schemes that are financed exclusively by Commerzbank and do not require any contributions from employees.

In addition to the basic pension plan, Commerzbank offers its employees the option of additional personal pension provision. Through the bank's cooperation partners, they can take advantage of tax-advantaged offers for deferred compensation, such as direct insurance. At the same time, this can also be used to cover risks, such as occupational disability.

Risk coverage

As an important individual risk protection, all employees are automatically additionally insured against occupational accidents beyond the statutory minimum protection through an accident insurance policy of the bank. In the event of prolonged illness among its employees, Commerzbank also contributes to the gross sick pay or transitional allowance under certain conditions. This applies both to employees covered by the collective bargaining agreement and to those not covered by the collective bargaining agreement, and to both statutory and private insurance. In addition, the bank's provident fund enables employees to take out death benefit insurance at favourable conditions. This enables employees to insure themselves, their spouse or partner, and each child with up to 7,500 euros in death benefits, although the amounts paid out can also be higher.

Employee conditions

As customers, both employees and their dependents benefit from the special conditions for selected products offered by Commerzbank or its cooperation partners. A refund of fees paid for banking services is possible at the beginning of the following year. This is done up to the current tax-relevant exemption limit of currently €1,080 and the tax-refundable discount of four percent on eligible commissions.

The capital-forming benefits of 40 euros per month paid by the bank are another building block for additional asset accumulation. Employees can pay this amount individually into an existing contract or contribute it to a new contract and thus benefit from the bank's employee conditions.

Mastering professional and private life

Life and work

It is important to Commerzbank that employees remain connected with the bank even during parental leave. That is why it promotes the compatibility of work and family - beyond the legal requirements. "Keep in touch" is the bank's program for maintaining contact and further training within the first year of parental leave after the birth of the child. It offers needs-based part-time options for parental leave with part-time factors of 10, 20 or 30 percent.

Commerzbank supports special personal occasions with paid time off. Whether it's a wedding, a service anniversary, a move or a bereavement in the family - the bank grants additional vacation days in numerous cases, even beyond the collectively agreed entitlement.

In the event of a job-related transfer, the bank grants allowances for its employees. Both in the case of a necessary move and when the decision is made in favour of double housekeeping.

Commerzbank supports lunch for its employees in its employee cafeterias and at locations without a cafeteria with a daily allowance. In addition, Commerzbank pays a subsidy of €30 per participant per year for company parties.

Offers for more mobility

Commerzbank is aware of its responsibility to support the sustainable mobility of its employees.

A key component of this is to encourage its employees to travel to work by local and long-distance public transport. Employees of AG Inland therefore receive a monthly travel allowance of €20 net in addition to their salary. This applies to all employees who do not have a bank car and use a public transport monthly or annual ticket to get to work. In addition, the bank enables its employees to purchase long-distance Deutsche Bahn tickets at a reduced rate for their commute to work.

Commerzbank was the first DAX-listed company to enable its employees to lease a bicycle, e-bike or pedelec. The bank's bike lease model allows employees to make a contribution to their health and the environment as well as take advantage of tax benefits. In addition, non-pay-scale employees can lease a bank car. Here, too, the monthly leasing instalments are billed via gross salary by way of deferred compensation, as is the case with bicycle leasing. This saves employees taxes. On the basis of a full-service leasing model, employees can select a vehicle from the models of preconfigured e-vehicles and fuel-efficient diesel vehicles offered by the bank.

IT Leasing

Employees can lease high-quality IT equipment through the bank, such as smartphones or tablets, but also accessories for private use. The bank was also the first DAX company to introduce this deferred compensation model. With IT@home, the bank transfers the monthly leasing instalments from the gross salary to the contractual partner. In this way, it enables its employees to take advantage of tax benefits over a term of 24 months.

Recognition of commitment

Commerzbank rewards the special commitment of its employees with vouchers worth €150 net each. The bank makes these available to a defined extent to managers to underline their "thank you". Employees can decide for themselves how the vouchers are to be used - for example, for a visit to a restaurant or theatre, an action-packed day, a seminar or a combination of several activities.