Our news in 2015 Our news in 2015


Commerzbank supports statement of the German economy to the "Paris Agreement" (14 December 2015)

Companies from many sectors of the German economy, supported by organizations from business and civil society, have issued a joint statement on the "Paris Agreement". The full statement can be found PDF, 286 kB (german only).


Commerzbank environmental internship awarded as official project of the UN-Decade “biological diversity 2015/2016” (27 November 2015)

Just in time with the 25th anniversary the environmental internship got awarded as official project of the UN-Decade “biological diversity 2015/2016”. The project that was originated by 25 national parks in 1990 combines commitment for nature protection and environment with education for students of every branch of study. more

Signet DNK Signatory 2014

Committment to Sustainability Code (24 November 2015)

Commerzbank has again committed to comply with the German Sustainability Code (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex DNK). The twenty criteria and additional performance indicators in the DNK describe the essential requirements for corporate sustainability and enable the sustainability performances of participating companies to be compared. more

Gold Standard certificates compensate for business flights (10 November 2015)

Since 2015, Commerzbank balances unavoidable CO2 emissions from its business activities through certificates from climate protection projects. The compensation of air travel takes place through projects of the highest grade (gold standard): For 2015 an award-winning project for efficient cook stoves in East Africa, as well as a certified wind power plant in Nicaragua were selected. more


Commerzbank included in Climate Index CDLI (06 November 2015)

The CDP Climate Disclosure Ranking awards Commerzbank the status of “Sector Leader Financials” in the DACH-region with 100 of 100 possible points in its climate change report 2015. With this result, Commerzbank is part of the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index.


Commerzbank places emphasis on electromobility (03 November 2015)

Since November 2015, the car pool of Commerzbank includes cars with electric drive. Three e-cars and the associated charging stations were introduced in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. The chosen eGolf 7 have a range of about 150 km and complement as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional company cars.

Commerzbank awarded for commitment to equal opportunities (29 October 2015)

For the seventh time Commerzbank received the Total-E-Quality Award for its successful commitment to equal opportunities. For the first time Commerzbank was also awarded for its exemplary diversity management with the "add-on Diversity". more


Commerzbank Report: Scenarios for the future of sustainable trade (16 October 2015)

Together with Oxford Analytica Commerzbank launched the second part of its study on the future of sustainable trade. Drawing upon expert opinion and case studies, it offers a projection for sustainability in the global economy for the coming decades. more


Apply now for a environmental internship in 2016 (15 October 2015)

In 2016, Commerzbank will once more enable up to 70 students from all disciplines to work as interns for several months at participating national parks, nature reserves and biosphere reserves throughout Germany. The closing date for applications is 15 January 2016. more


Commerzbank employees involved in the Malteser Social Day 2015 (25.09.2015)

For the forth year in a row 450 employees of Commerzbank were involved in the nationwide Malteser Social Day. In the week from 21 to 25 September 2015 they assisted in co-operation with the Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. to 43 social projects in 17 cities around Germany. This year the projects were focused on assistance for refugees arriving in Germany. more

Logo German Award for Excellence

Climate strategy awarded (22.09.2015)

Commerzbank received the German Award for Excellence in the category "carbon footprint". In the cource of the DQS Sustainability Conference the prize was awarded for the climate strategy at Commerzbank which aims to avoid CO2 emissions or compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions, for the climate-friendly products and services and the bank works towards making its staff and general public even more aware of climate change. more


Annual General Meeting’s CO2-emissions compensated (7 July 2015)

Compared to previous years, Commerzbank was able to significantly reduce the CO2-emissions of its Annual General Meeting 2015. The remaining and unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions in the amount of 306 tons were balanced by the purchase of certificates of the climate protection projects ArBolivia and MoorFutures. more


Agreement on Sustainability in Thuringia (1 July 2015)

Commerzbank Erfurt will continue its participation in the "Nachhaltigkeitsabkommen Thüringen" (NAT) for the next three years. This agreement on sustainability is a voluntary arrangement between the state government and more than 400 companies. It aims to improve the framework conditions for further economic development of Thuringia from the viewpoint of sustainability. more


Work in Client Advisory Council handed over (30 June 2015)

On June 15, the change from the previous to the new client advisory council took place: In a joint meeting with Martin Zielke, Member of the Board of Managing Directors, and client advisory council sponsors the members of the previous client advisory council gave their subjects to the successors.


Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (29 June 2015)

Commerzbank has joined the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition of the World Bank. The aim of this union is to establish a price for CO2 emission worldwide, according to the cost for the damage caused by greenhouse gases. more

Commerzbank listed in sustainability index (22 June 2015)

Commerzbank is listed in the sustainability index "Euronext Vigeo Eurozone 120" since 1 June 2015. The index highlights the 120 companies in the euro zone with the best performance in environmental, social and governance issues.more


Climate-neutral Commerzbank (21 April 2015)

Climate neutrality is a substantial goal of Commerzbank’s climate strategy, primarily through the reduction of our greenhouse-gas emissions. Compared to 2007 we reduced CO2 emissions by 67.1 per cent in 2014. Remaining emissions have been compensated for since 2015 via high-quality CO2 certificates. more

Award for perception of corporate responsibility (20 April 2015)

At the International Forum for Sustainability, Commerzbank received the CSR-finalists price, awarded for being one of the three best companies in the category "CO2 avoidance as a contribution to climate protection". The award is a testament to the successful implementation of the climate objective of the bank, which provides, by 2020 to reduce its own emissions by 70 percent - compared to the base year 2007. more

New ESG Index licensed to Commerzbank (02 April 2015)

The DJSI Ethical Europe Low Volatility Index measures the performance of the 50 least volatile stocks within the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index and at the same time solely focuses on ethical investments. The index is exclusively licensed to Commerzbank, which thus answers the growing demand for sustainable and ethical financial products.more


Symbolic act for environmental protection (28 March 2015)

Commerzbank again took part in the global Earth Hour campaign by switching off the lights at selected locations in Frankfurt, Berlin and London for one hour at 8.30pm on 28 March. This activity is one of numerous measures Commerzbank carries out for climate protection. more


Commerzbank Report on Sustainable Trade (18 March 2015)

On 18 March Commerzbank published the report “Five Drivers of Sustainable Trade”, created in close cooperation with Oxford Analytica. The Study examines drivers, which will foster sustainable trade in the next 10 to 15 years: regulation, new patterns of global demand, supply chain trends, alliances and innovative finance. more


Commerzbank Foundation sponsors Städel exhibition (10 March 2015)

The Commerzbank Foundation is sole sponsor of the exhibition "Monet and the Birth of Impressionism" which is starting point to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Städel Museum in Frankfurt. The roughly 100 artworks from painters like Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas can be seen until 21 June 2015.


Bonus for low-emission bank cars (2 March 2015)

Since March Commerzbank has a new bank car policy that considers even more environmental aspects. A new bonus-malus system sets incentives for a greener car choice. In addition, employees can lease electric cars for the first time. more


Framework for our business activities (26 February 2015)

In 2014 Commerzbank's Reputational Risk Management department analysed more than 5,000 enquiries related to loans, investment products or client relationships that particularly affect sustainability. The sharp increase in assessments is due to the addition of new, sensitive topics and to the widening scope of application.


Commerzbank Client Advisory Council will be re-elected (12 February 2015)

In the Client Advisory Council our clients work since 2009 together to improve our products and services. For the next three-year term (2015-2018) we are again looking for 25 committed clients. Untill 1st of March our clients can apply online for the Clients Advisory Council.

Sustainable procurement standard approved (4 February 2015)

With the approval of the "Sustainable procurement standard" in December 2014, Commerzbank has defined mandatory sustainability guidelines for its procurement activities. In this standard, the Bank documents its expectations for business partners and how it will implement them. more


Commerzbank employees drink fair trade coffee (19 January 2015)

Since January 2015 Commerzbank exclusively offers fair trade coffee in its canteens and coffee machines in all its buildings in Germany - at no additional cost for employees. The changeover took place both where the Commerzbank itself buys coffee, and where service providers and suppliers are responsible for the purchase of coffee.

Commerzbank Prague is member of the „Coalition for Transparent Business“ (12 January 2015)

Since 2014 Commerzbank Prague is member of the „Coalition for Transparent Business“. It was formed in 2011 as an open association of Czech and international companies, working to cultivate the business environment in the Czech Republic. It currently brings together companies from all manner of sectors and by the end of 2014 it had 41 members inter alia Bayer, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens and SKODA AUTO. more