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Commerzbank has clear rules for conducting business in an environmentally responsible way. The updated environmental guidelines were confirmed by the Board of Managing Directors and distributed to the 100 most important suppliers and service providers.

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Sustainability as a superordinate principle

Commerzbank acknowledges its corporate responsibility and is committed to the sustainable development of its business. We carefully weigh up the economic, ecological and social consequences of our actions. In particular, this includes protecting the environment to mitigate climate change, and using natural resources with consideration. This is achieved not least by the efficient use of energy. It is our objective to ensure and promote responsible action throughout the entire company and at all levels. Naturally, we are committed to comply with all applicable environmental and energy related regulations. However, all divisions of the company are furthermore bound by strategic and operational objectives that go beyond those regulations and which were adopted by Commerzbank’s Board of Managing Directors on the basis of this policy.

Exemplifying environmental protection

Environmental protection is a task for every employee of the Bank. At the same time, our managers, starting with the Board of Managing Directors, bear a particular responsibility for the realisation of targets in environmental protection. Within Commerzbank, the representatives of corporate environmental protection are systematically linked with all relevant divisions of the company. Both the direct reporting line to the Board of Managing Directors and the regular reporting on environmental concerns as well as energy related targets and performance underline the great importance which we attach to environmental issues.

Managing energy consumption and environmental protection

Our integrated environmental and energy management system ensures the control and advancement of all ecological and energetic measures. Adverse effects are thus appraised as soon as possible and avoided or reduced.

Improving processes and reducing consumption

The corporate environmental protection measures of financial service providers focus on optimizing the use of resources. This applies especially to areas where we can influence the environment directly, for instance in building management and business travel. Our main objective is the reduction of our CO2 emissions. The Board of Managing Directors is committed to provide all necessary resources to achieve the energy and environmental objectives.

Orientating products and services towards sustainability

In our core business we continually develop our range of products and services which contribute to sustainable development. We are eager to take advantage of market opportunities in environmental protection. As a strategic partner in the energy transition, we include environmental aspects in the counselling of our customers and assist them in recognising opportunities and risks.

Reducing ecological risks in core business

Businesses and business relationships in which ecological aspects play a role are extensively investigated within the scope of a case-by-case decision, analysed and subjected to a detailed evaluation. This may extend as far as a refusal of the respective business or termination of the business relationship.

Sensitising employees

Sustainable development can only be achieved by the participation of as many people as possible. We motivate our employees by promoting new ideas and regularly supplying comprehensive information on environmental protection and efficient energy usage. Our goal is to integrate environmental protection as a matter of course in the actions of each individual.

Influencing suppliers and service providers

In due consideration of costs and performance factors, sustainability-related criteria like energy efficiency are also binding decision-making factors in the purchasing process for goods and services at Commerzbank. This is regulated in our “Standard for sustainable procurement”. Our business partners commit themselves within their own supply chain to comply with and promote environmental standards. We can thus influence the sustainable development of our suppliers and service providers through our purchasing decision.

Building networks

Commerzbank acknowledges its corporate responsibility with its voluntary participation in well-known initiatives and associations. With our signature of the UN Global Compact, a global association of companies and organisations, and our membership in numerous regional and sector-related networks, we have committed ourselves to active cooperation.

Creating transparency

Commerzbank provides comprehensive information about its own efforts and accomplishments to protect the environment. For the implementation and realisation of our environmental policy we always welcome suggestions or criticism in open dialogue with our customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, political bodies and members of the community. This creates transparency and promotes acceptance in all areas.

Improving continuously

We continuously improve our energy and environmental performance within our sphere of influence, thus making a long-term contribution to the preservation of the environment.

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