Sustainable Property Management Sustainable Property Management


A building’s erection or modernisation does not only require engineering expertise but also future thinking. In order to prepare a building for long-term use, environmental as well as social and economic aspects need to be taken into account.

Thus, we are pursuing energy-efficient designs and use of the buildings for new constructions and modernisations. We endeavour to reduce our energy consumption which automatically improves the value of the buildings in our portfolio. Since 2013, the electricity we use in Germany is 100 percent of renewable origin. Therefore, all Commerzbank buildings here are completely supplied by green electricity. Worldwide, the share of electricity from renewable energy sources is 91 percent (as of 2019). Additionally, we installed LED lighting in the windows of all approximately 1,000 branches and also use it for their exterior illumination.

Our sustainable property management has received several awards: In 2009, Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt – completed in 1997 and currently the headquarters of the bank – was the first to be given the Green Building Award by the city of Frankfurt. In 2017, the skyscraper was certified by US LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for resource-efficient construction. Together with the 2015 certified Gallileo-Skyscraper, Commerzbank is using two of only three buildings in Frankfurt, which have been awarded the primary category – the platinum standard – for “Existing Building: Operations & Maintenance”. Additional measures for increasing the conservation of resources, such as optimisation of lighting, water consumption and ventilation, do not only spur user convenience but also the buildings’ profitability.