Energy Management with Smart Meters Energy Management with Smart Meters


Efficient energy management is an important part of the sustainability strategy of Commerzbank. By switching to 100 per cent green electricity in Germany, the power consumption is almost without CO2 emissions, but one of the largest cost units in real estate operations with around 220 million kWh. Now it should be further reduced by the use of intelligent power meters.

These so-called "Smart Meters" measure the used electric power in a quarter-hour rhythm and transmit this data to an online tool. It provides precise information about the consumption behaviour, in particular at what times the energy need is highest - or particularly low. On this basis, Commerzbank can develop measures for better and more cost-effective load balancing. In addition, the evaluation possibilities identify potential for energy savings. Overall, the Bank expects energy savings of about 10 per cent with the use of Smart Meters. Another advantage is that the cost-intensive and error-prone manual collection of data can be significantly reduced.

Initially, around 300 Smart Meters are implemented, primarily in buildings with particularly high energy consumption. After a successful pilot, the project will be expanded, including the measurement of gas and water consumption.

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