Procurement: a Driver of Sustainable Development Procurement: a Driver of Sustainable Development



Products and services purchased by Commerzbank should have the smallest possible negative impact on the environment, climate and health; they must be produced under decent labour conditions and be suitable for recycling wherever possible. To achieve these aims, the Bank introduced a sustainable procurement standard (PDF, 359 kB) which is regularly updated and supplements our purchasing guidelines.

Information about sustainability is an element of the required standardised tendering process. For quality assurance purposes, we require suppliers to complete an electronic questionnaire that also contains questions related to sustainability. Suppliers are asked, for example, about the proportion of their products that can be recycled. We inform our service providers and suppliers about the Bank's internal environmental guidelines.

The purchasing process for office equipment, electrical appliances, illumination, building materials and food is currently being audited for the purpose of building certification. The disposal of these items is being analysed with the aim to reveal potential improvement opportunities.

All Commerzbank's procurement processes are managed centrally by Corporate Procurement. This ensures that consistent sustainability standards are employed.