All over the world, Commerzbank procures a variety of goods and services – from workplace to payment and card processing equipment, software solutions or food and beverages for the staff to ATMs and logistics services. In this context, Commerzbank aims to cooperate with competitive suppliers on a partnership basis in order to be the best bank for its customers. Commerzbank is therefore in the process of becoming a flexible multichannel bank that combines state-of-the-art systems with traditional values. At all levels, fulfilling this promise calls for stakeholders that act innovatively and sustainably, and for reliable business partners. Besides such aspects as reliable performance and cost-effectiveness, sustainability and integrity therefore also play an important role for us when we choose our suppliers.

Commerzbank's Corporate Procurement department is the first point of call for suppliers. If you are a potential supplier interested in cooperating with us, please contact this department to present your range of goods and services using the contact form in the box at the side.

Sustainability Sustainability

Our sustainable procurement standards and code of conduct contain rules that must be adhered to with regard to the social and ethical aspects of procurement.


Procurement process Procurement process

With its structured procurement process, Commerzbank ensures transparency and plausibility to illustrate the fairness of its


Product groups Product groups

The following contains an overview of Commerzbank's most important purchasing requirements, divided into the product groups that are the most important for Commerzbank