Investing Sustainably Investing Sustainably


The market for sustainable investments has been booming over the past ten years. On the German-speaking market, the value of retail funds based on sustainable investments has risen from €5 billion in 2003 to €40 billion today. With sustainable investments, it is not just the traditional quantitative investment criteria (such as rate of return, risk and liquidity) that are taken in to account but also the ecological, social and ethical aspects. Examples include themed funds for solar energy, cleantech or forestry. With these funds the financial sector makes an important contribution to the prevention of climate change.

Commerzbank offers its private and institutional investors a variety of sustainable funds. Our clients can thus use their investments to support sustainable companies in the environmental technology and alternative energy sectors. We also maintain strategic partnerships with selected asset management companies through which offer other sustainable investments: direct holdings, bonds, equity funds and fixed-income funds in green areas of the economy such as climate protection, solar and wind energy, or in sectors that avoid selected commodities such as tobacco or arms.

Wealthy private and corporate clients of Commerzbank can obtain customized sustainable asset management service, in which on the equity side investment is limited to different stocks with high sustainability rating (MSCI ESG Research). Investments in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are made on an opt-in basis and only if the funds are based on recognised sustainability indices.

Comdirect's Motiv-Investing offers clients the possibility to choose investment themes that match their personal values and beliefs. These include environment, health, digitisation, emerging markets, German economy and mega trends. On the basis of the chosen themes, corresponding funds will be provided by which clients could invest in their desired topic.