A visible sign for sustainability A visible sign for sustainability


Sustainability Logo

The topic of sustainability has long been an integral part of Commerzbank’s operations. We have been working in a climate-neutral manner for years, we are involved in many social projects, and increasingly offer our customers sustainable products, such as the “Green Mortgage” or, more recently, KlimaVest, an impact fund launched by Commerz Real.

Our commitment to the environment, as well as our claim to act as a responsible company, is also visualized by our sustainability logo. The green leaves symbolize our numerous measures and activities in the field of environmental and climate protection, with which we contribute to the sustainable development of our company and our environment.

The strong tree trunk shows that our commitment to sustainability has already taken deep roots in our strategy and corporate culture. Last but not least, we would like to express especially one thing very clearly with the logo: Sustainability is a matter very close to Commerzbank’s heart.