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Commerzbank commits to its economic, ecologic and social responsibility. In order to ensure a sustainable corporate governance, we have set up extensive positions and standards in different activity fields.

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Positions & Policies

As an important financier of the German economy, we have put in place multiple positions and policies, that are regularly updated. You can also find all positions in the Commerzbank ESG framework (PDF, 1.4 MB) for handling environmental and social risks in its core business. Transactions and business relationships in which aspects of sustainability play a material role are extensively researched, analysed and subject to detailed evaluation, which can lead to a rejection of a transaction or termination of a business relationship.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values create a binding and unifying corporate culture. They are the foundation for the corporate responsibility as well as for the personal responsibility of every single Commerzbank employee.

Code of Conduct

Building on our ComWerte, we have set up guidelines for acting with integrity: Our Code of Conduct. The guideline clearly formulates existing rules of conduct and thus provides all staff with a binding guidance framework for acting with integrity. The Code of Conduct applies to all Commerzbank staff without exception, from senior management to trainee level.

Environmental guidelines

With special focus on the environment, Commerzbank has formulated environmental guidelines. These are important points of reference for the strategic orientation of our core business as well as for the management of our ecology of business operations. In this concern we also include suppliers in our strategic operations.

Further memberships and initiatives

In addition to our own standards, we take part in renowned initiatives to promote and enact sustainability. Besides the signing of the UN Global Compact in 2006, Commerzbank has committed to comply to the German Sustainability Code, which describes the essential requirements for corporate sustainability and enables the comparability of participating companies' sustainability performances. Furthermore, we are member of a number of associations such as UNEP FI, VfU and the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster. Please find additional memberships in our overview.