Commerzbank's Values Commerzbank's Values



Commerzbank was founded by Hamburg merchants in 1870. To this day we consider ourselves bound by the values of the 'honourable businessman'. After all, a shared value concept creates a sense of identity and lays the foundations for lasting success. While pursuing highly ambitious business objectives, we do not lose sight of our responsibilities to people, society and the environment at all times.

Our corporate values shape our interaction both for cooperation and in our behaviour towards our customers, business partners and society. The values show that we are aware of our corporate responsibility and are guided by traditional values.

  • Integrity is the basis of our business model - We are mindful, reliable and trustworthy
  • Performance is our engine - We are brave, ambitious and enthusiastic.
  • Responsibility is our mission - We act sustainably, consciously and entrepreneurially and stand up for each other.

Our values are also an essential part of our risk culture, which is important for dealing with risks responsibly. This applies both to who we do business with and what business we do.