Preserving Family Businesses Preserving Family Businesses



Medium-sized companies in Germany are mostly family businesses. The structure of the German economy is characterized by these enterprises, which employ over 60 per cent of the workforce in Germany. Company succession is one of the most far-reaching corporate decisions. It defines the future of the company and its employees. Commerzbank advises family-run companies and their shareholders in succession issues, so that the company can be maintained. Unattached to the return potential for the bank, we aim at company preservation and fulfilling the desires of the business-owning families. The structure of the German economy including its innovative strength, its employments and its regional presence constitute a value of its own for us.

This is the reason for Commerzbank to offer comprehensive consultation for family businesses, to find the suitable strategy for each family. This strategy is then implemented in the succession structure. Here, different options are available: from passing on within of the family, through selling to management, employees or to a different family - a variety of choices are available. A team of bankers, tax advisors and lawyers from Commerzbank consults the shareholders and their families for a period of usually six to twelve months in finding and communicating a solution – always with the aim of finding the best possible common ground and to preserve the company in its structure.