Living by our Values Living by our Values



Commerzbank has undertaken to comply with the principle of corporate responsibility. True values, binding codes of conduct and demanding self-imposed standards provide the framework for our business activities. We bundle up these baselines in our sustainability standards.

In order to actively implement and secure our standards, we have included respective measures in the business activities of Commerzbank. Our compliance system serves to secure legal and internal and regulations in Commerzbank. Hereby, we actively try to prevent financial crime as well as to protect our customers from money laundering and terrorism. We ensure greatest possible transparency in our business relations and dispose of a tool to recognize conflicts of interest. Furthermore, we continuously carry out security measures in order to guarantee the data protection of our customers.

The Reputational Risk Management is another central part of our sustainability measures. With this department Commerzbank includes ecological, social and ethical risks next to economic factors in its business assessments.

We further aspire to stay in close contact with and meet the expectations of our interest groups. Therefore, we frequently and intensively communicate with different stakeholders such as our clients, employees, political actors and research institutions.

Furthermore, Commerzbank cares for a fair partnership with its employees - since motivated and powerful employees are the prerequisites for longstanding success. An important part of this approach is the broad range of qualification and development offers, bundled up in the Commerzbank Academy. In addition, Commerzbank offers its employees multiple opportunities to promote their health, improve their work-life balance and to engage socially.

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