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Business travel accounts for one quarter of our total CO2 emissions. Therefore environmentally efficient means of transport are preferred. Our business travel guidelines stipulate that air travel should be avoided for short journeys, that staff should examine the possibility of car sharing and that alternative technical options such as video- and tele-conferencing should be used if possible.

A new standard has been introduced for the 500 pool cars of Commerzbank in 2014. Old pool cars are being gradually replaced by eco-friendly models with an improved fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. This will lead to a fall in average CO2 emissions to less than 100 g/km (2012: 122 g/km) or an annual reduction of 227 tonnes of CO2, 18 per cent less compared to the previous fleet. Furthermore the car pool of Commerzbank has been extended to cars with electric drive in November 2015. At each of the sites in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich three e-cars and corresponding charging stations are available for our employees. The chosen e-cars have a range of about 150 km and complement as an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional company cars for business trips in the vicinity.

In March 2015, a new bank car policy has been established which further addresses environmental issues. A bonus-malus system sets clear incentives for a greener car choice: For cars with CO2 emissions below 120 g/km, the leasing rate gets cheaper: at least 25 and up to 125 euros per month. In addition, employees can also lease electric cars for the first time. From CO2 emissions of 150 g/km onwards, the malus system affects the lease rate which rises from additional 125 up to 175 euros per month. The average CO2 emissions of bank cars decreased as a consequence from 131 g/km to 122 g/km (as of June 2018).

In 2015, the average CO2 emissions of newly ordered vehicles amounted to 121 gram per kilometre (2014: 128 gram per kilometre). Commerzbank expects that this value will continue to decline due to the new car policy.

In addition, the bike-services offers our employees a climate friendly alternative: We enable our staff to use bikes, pedelecs and other e-bikes by our bike-leasing model. Moreover, there are 60 company bikes at six locations in Frankfurt which allow fast, climate neutral and healthy urban locomotion.