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Since the banking sector is a vital player in the development of modern economies, banks also play an essential role in the area of sustainability. Commerzbank takes this responsibility seriously and has implemented a raft of measures to ensure the systematic promotion of sustainable development.

We have been documenting our efforts to create and live by sustainable values since 2005, with the publication of the corporate responsibility reports. We have won many awards in recognition of our commitment to corporate responsibility. We use the feedback we get from sustainability ratings and other independent audits to identify and take advantage of commercial opportunities and potential for improvement as early as possible.

As one of Germany's leading private banks, Commerzbank is not just a participant in the global sustainability dialogue: it shapes that dialogue with national and international memberships and initiatives. The UN Global Compact's ten principles provide a framework within which Commerzbank can meet the challenges of globalisation.

There are numerous ways in which the public can see how successful Commerzbank has been in meeting its corporate responsibilities, such as the figures that measure our sustainability performance. Interested stakeholders can find detailed information and key figures on sustainability in the current version of the corporate responsibility report.

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