Guarantee Guarantee


The complexity of foreign guarantee business with all its country-specific features and diversity of bank regulations and practices can represent a really challenging operation for your customers. It involves risks and requirements that do not arise in domestic trade, meaning that your customers' primary need is for risk protection.

Commerzbank is at your disposal, offering you and your customers a full range of guarantee instruments and acting as your supporting partner with decades of experience and extensive expertise in guarantee and standby letter of credit business. This is supplemented by a large and continuously updated information pool of country and bank-related data concerning more than 70 countries worldwide.

Our aim is to provide you and your customers with highly professional, worldwide and tailor-made solutions - irrespective of whether your clients are importing or exporting - to cover possible performance and financial risks arising from business transactions. These solutions endeavour to achieve the greatest benefit to all parties concerned according to the latter's needs and expectations.

In any case, when Commerzbank is involved in the issuance of a guarantee or issuance / confirmation of a Standby Letter of Credit, we provide our customers with the individual service of checking, commenting and drafting guarantee conditions or complete wordings in line with international standards and practice for specific cases.



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