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Performance pays off at Commerzbank. Because those who are committed to working for us benefit from an attractive remuneration system. This enables us to attract and retain high-performing employees and contribute to the success of our company.

A solid basis

As a rule, anyone who joins us is paid accordingly to the collective wage agreement. The collective agreements for the private banking industry apply. Whether you are a junior staff member or an experienced specialist, we offer many other attractive benefits in addition to the collectively agreed remuneration!

See what we have to offer in the individual target groups:

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School student internship

School student internship

  • No remuneration
  • Duration approx. 2 - 3 weeks, usually specified by the school

Apprenticeship & dual studies

1st year of training: 1,150 euros gross p. m.*

2nd year of training: 1,220 euros gross p.m.*

3rd year of training: 1,300 euros gross p.m.*

Additional attractive benefits

  • Payment of all tuition fees at dual universities (private and public)
  • 4-day welcome week
  • Personal Job Guide (junior staff from the previous year support the newcomers)
  • Qualification accompanying training, such as personality training/social and media skills
  • Exam preparation
  • Very good chances of an unlimited contract after training/dual study programme
  • Opportunity to join the study group or study at the Frankfurt School after training/dual study programme

University interns & legal interns

University internships

  • 1,766 euros gross p.m.
  • 20 days vacation per year
  • Duration of voluntary internship max. 6 months
  • Duration of compulsory internship depends on the respective university/technical college Further attractive additional benefits

Further attractive additional benefits

  • Interns' regulars' table
  • Opportunity to join the study group "Studienkreis" following a two-month internship
  • Possibility of acceptance into a trainee program without an assessment center, following a three-month internship and, if applicable, shortening of the probationary period.

Legal interns

  • TG8/ 11th professional year* gross p. m.
  • Work assignment 40 hours per month
  • Duration 6-12 months, depending on the respective federal state

Graduate programme

Graduate programme

  • Depending on degree and area of assignment, from TG 7/11th to TG 9/11th year* gross p.m.

Further attractive additional benefits

  • Unlimited employment contract
  • Individual training plan
  • Assignment abroad possible
  • Buddy program, "old" trainee supports "new" trainee
  • Mentoring program
  • Qualification measures, e.g. "Startklar"

Direct entry

The level of compensation (pay scale group) depends primarily on the requirements, the respective target group or position and the associated degree of responsibility.

Non-pay scale remuneration

We pay non-pay scale compensation for higher positions. For this purpose, we have evaluated all functions in the bank and grouped them into career ladders. Within the career ladders, there are various career levels which form the basis for our personnel policy management in line with requirements.

For each career level within a career ladder, there is a basic salary band in line with the market and corresponding performance-related variable compensation. Within these bands we set individual salaries on a performance-oriented and transparent basis. We generally review the salary bands annually and adjust them in line with the market if necessary. The maximum rate of capital-forming benefits (480 euros per year) is also paid in the non-pay scale salary.

The following applies to all, whether you are an apprentice, a student or an employee:

  • Collectively agreed special payment (13th month's salary)
  • Profit-sharing
  • Maximum rate of capital-forming benefits (480 euros per year)

(*pay scale range private banking industry/status 2019)

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