Buyer's Credit Buyer's Credit


Your bank has a couple of valuable export-orientated clients that require a financing for their next shipment? Or your bank needs to deliver a post-shipment financing in order to compete with other banks within your market space for a very important import client?

The highly competitive market for valuable corporate and business clients is best known by Commerzbank. Therefore, we are well aware of the products and services your bank may deliver to its clients. A strong and highly liquid bank as a provider of refinancing for those products and services is often necessary, in particular in markets in which FX liquidity is scarce due to country risk etc.

With Commerzbank as a leader in trade finance, you can benefit from our ability to differentiate between the different risks. And we rely heavily on our relationships with financial institutions throughout the world. A further advantage for your bank: Once we know our partner, we can provide very flexible solutions for pre-export and post-shipment financing as well as ECA-covered finance and other Buyer's credit structures. Both, for flow business as well as for specific trade chains (i.e. oil, agrobusiness etc), and for short or long-term tenors. considering your market place or client portfolio. Leverage by financing your trade chain creates mutual benefits.

Commerzbank is keen to create mutual benefits by delivering suitable solutions with our expertise for your bank. This is partnership you can experience.



For further information contact your relationship manager.