Letter of Credit – Confirmation Letter of Credit – Confirmation


Have you ever been confronted with demanding corporate and business clients who required greater facilitation of their imports? Or have you ever experienced deterioration in the economic environment in which your bank operates, so that your international partners were reluctant to take further risks?

With Commerzbank's 130 years of experience in the ups and downs of global economic activity, we have gathered a wealth of expertise in assessing the country and credit risk of our trade finance activities in all continents. We heavily rely on our financial institutions partners throughout the world once we have acquired some insight into their organization and business models. Therefore, we have a unique risk appetite to confirm letters of credit where other international banks have never ventured or have withdrawn their commitments as a result of political turmoil.

Commerzbank's consistent leadership in trade finance is heavily underlined by a strong and coherent commitment to the confirmation of L/Cs and smooth processing of these confirmations. With our extensive branch network in major financial hubs, but also thanks to those Headquarters departments in Germany responsible for our strong "third country business", we can deliver a high standard of quality in processing these confirmations globally.

Commerzbank is keen to know more about the structure of your trade finance wallet. With a flexible approach based on considering risk as a value driver for our business, we are looking for partners who want to benefit from our expertise in confirming L/Cs globally.



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