Living diversity – 365 days a year Living diversity – 365 days a year



We live diversity every day. It´s our responsibility towards our employees, customers, business partners – and towards society as a whole.

The basis of our diversity strategy is trust and appreciation. The focus is on the people with their different perspectives and talents. This has a sustainable impact on our corporate success and on society in general.

We understand inclusion to be a corporate culture that involves everyone and in which every individual is able to express themselves, regardless of age, gender, origin, disability, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity.

All of us want to learn from each other and develop the working world at Commerzbank worldwide into a place without prejudice. Not only our employees, but also our customers, business partners and shareholders benefit from this diversity. Diversity is an integral part of our sustainability strategy and our shared social responsibility.

Our goal is to overcome unconscious prejudices, reduce fear of contact, and further anchor the self-perception of a diverse society in the culture of the Bank. A corporate culture in which the personality and dignity of everyone is respected and everyone is included. This is of great importance to us, which is why we have incorporated our stance – against discrimination and disadvantage – into the Bank's Code of Conduct.

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