Commerzbank Mittelstand study: Change of management offers major potential for modernisation (27-4-2017)

According to a survey commissioned by Commerzbank, over the past five years 35 per cent of the Mittelstand companies have seen a change in their top management. This offers major potential for modernisation.


Commerzbank Research: Low core inflation reinforces ECB policy (20-4-2017)

The economy is optimistic despite political risks. Chief economist Krämer forecasts, that the Eurozone will not rest. And Donald Trump will address trade conflicts with weaker economies.


Investment Plan for Europe: EIB Group and Commerzbank join forces (19-4-2017)

A guarantee of the EIB Group will will enable Commerzbank to provide further lending of several hundred million EUR to SMEs and mid-caps mainly in Germany.


Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Commerzbank on 3 May 2017 (24-3-2017)

Commerzbank AG invites its shareholders to the Annual General Meeting in the Messehalle 11 in Frankfurt/Main on Wednesday, 3 May 2017.


Annual Press Conference 2017


Recording of the press conference

Results financial year 2016

CEO Martin Zielke and CFO Stephan Engels on the financial year 2016

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