Letter of Credit – Reimbursement Letter of Credit – Reimbursement


Day by day millions of documents are presented to banks. Most of the time, these banks do not maintain a direct account relationship with the opening institution in the requested currency.

We shall be happy to assist you in settling your EUR-denominated letters of credit if you have an account with us.

Besides the "normal" reimbursements, we offer you a huge variety of services such as

  • Issuance of irrevocable reimbursement undertakings
  • Honouring of deferred claims
  • Financing for buyer or your institution

More than 2,500 financial institutions maintain an EUR account with Commerzbank. This enables us to execute a large portion of the reimbursements by book-to-book transfer within Commerzbank. The result is high quality and cost savings for you and your customers.



For further information contact your relationship manager.