Letter of Credit – Advising Letter of Credit – Advising


Business contracts between international partners often require the issuance and advising of letters of credit to partners and banks all over the world. If you do not have a direct relationship with the beneficiary and / or his bank you can either refuse the transaction, which could mean losing a customer to one of your competitors, or you can use the services of Commerzbank.

In view of our strong customer base (totalling more than 11,1 million) you may asume that more or less all German corporates maintain a relationship with us. Within 24 hours after receipt of your instruction we will advise the LC. In countries where we do not maintain an operative entity we will use our large network of correspondent relationships.

You as our customer will benefit from our global network without having to maintain a huge network on your own. Furthermore, you will benefit from our fast advising services and reduce the transit costs for your Letters of Credit by using Commerzbank as your advising bank. Irrespective of whether the beneficiary is in Germany or an exotic place which you may never have encountered before - just forward your LCs to COBADEFF and we will do the rest.



For further information contact your relationship manager.