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What do you want? Finally getting down to business!

Lectures, seminars, term papers, exams & degrees - for years you have learned what other clever minds have done, said and developed. Now it's time to design it yourself. We are leaving the traditional bank behind us to develop into a digital enterprise. On the journey towards banking of the future, we are looking for lateral thinkers like you - with unconventional ideas and creative drive. In return, we offer you the freedom and responsibility to prove yourself via these challenges.

Now the question is: Are you still in the middle of your studies or are you about to graduate?

We have a lot of offers and challenges for you. Get in!

During your studies:

  • Internships: Are you currently studying for your Bachelor's/ Master's degree or have you recently graduated and want to take a closer look into real life banking? Then it’s about time you got to know us!
  • Study Circle (applies to Germany only): Have you already demonstrated to us during your internship or apprenticeship, that you are highly skilled? Then our study circle programme is the perfect choice for you.

After your studies:

  • Graduate Trainee programmes: In our Graduate trainee programmes, practice is anything but theoretical. Whether you are interested in a generalist or specialist programme, you can expect a wide range of opportunities during your employment .

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