Commerzbank's Memory and Legacy Commerzbank's Memory and Legacy


Advertisement from 1905

Commerzbank’s history reaches back over 140 eventful years: its foundation in Hamburg, the hyperinflation, two world wars, its centralization in Frankfurt, the globalization of banking business as well as the merger of Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank.

Our company archive – the Historical Archive – is safekeeping all documents concerning the history of the Commerzbank and affiliated institutions that are not required anymore in ongoing business. Documents worth filing are for example protocols, contracts and correspondences important according to legal, historical or corporate reasons. In total, the Commerzbank’s Historical Archive comprises 14 kilometers of files including the Dresdner Bank’s file documentation. Essential parts of the Dresdner Bank’s collection are classified as nationally valuable cultural assets since December 2010.

The Historical Archive answers questions related to the history of Commerzbank and its predecessors and fosters active historical communication based on scientific methods. Moreover, it attends to and supports research projects on the history of banks and economic history in cooperation with the Eugen-Gutmann-Gesellschaft. In principle, the usage of the Historical Archive is possible for anyone, corresponding to the archive-specific provisions and terms.

Photo: Advertisement from 1905


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