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The Eugen-Gutmann-Gesellschaft e.V. is the historic organisation of Commerzbank. As a non-profit association, it encourages the public interest in financial and banking history in general and, in particular, in the history of Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank. Therefore, the association works closely with the historic archive of Commerzbank.

The association emerged in 2002 on the occasion of the 130 year anniversary of Dresdner Bank. It is named after the co-founder and longstanding manager of the Dresdner Bank Eugen Gutmann (1840-1925).

In 2009 Dresdner Bank merged with Commerzbank. Since then Commerzbank continues to support the Eugen-Gutmann-Gesellschaft.

Core activities of the club are:

  • publications on the banks history;
  • exhibitions;
  • lecturing events and
  • the fostering of bank historic research projects.

Anybody who would like to support the Eugen-Gutmann-Gesellschaft is invited to become a member. The annual fee amounts to 15 EUR. For sponsors the minimum contribution is 100 EUR. As a member you receive free access to the Eugen-Gutmann-Gesellschaft publications and events as well as the Eugen-Gutmann-Newsletter.


Eugen-Gutmann-Gesellschaft e.V.