Our Sport Commitments at a Glance Our Sport Commitments at a Glance


Laughing Kids with a football

Commerzbank's sponsorship programme combines marketing with corporate social responsibility. Because at Commerzbank sponsorship is not just about increasing brand awareness and brand affinity. It's about engagement to make a positive difference to people on the ground. It is not just in sport that performance, fairness, respect, cooperation and team spirit make a difference. For Commerzbank, these values are fundamental principles of our corporate culture.

Alongside traditional forms of sponsorship, such as partnering with the German Football Association (DFB), we particularly value the social aspects of sport, e.g. the Junior Coach Project as part of our DFB partnership. Our sports engagement programme is complemented by the Green Ribbon initiative. For 30 years now, Commerzbank and the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) have commended 50 sports clubs for excellence in developing young, talented athletes.

Through its partnership with the DFB, Commerzbank demonstrates commitment to Germany's most popular sport and its fan base. As one of DFB's Partners, we provide support for the men's and women's national teams and all junior teams, from the Under 15 to the Under 21-year-olds. Commerzbank also supports the DFB qualification efforts, which involve helping sports clubs develop young talent. Measures include sports training, financial management courses and school events. The DFB Junior Coach course is part of DFB's qualification drive. Commerzbank's involvement in this project shows that its commitment to talent development is a serious and long-term one.