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As an international commercial bank, Commerzbank is an integral part of the democratic opinion-forming process. Hence, politicians and the public expect us to comment on relevant economic issues. The Bank, therefore, seeks to promote informed and sound decisions geared to the common good, focussing on issues pertinent to banks and the financial market. By doing so, we help politicians and administrators to develop and enhance their sector-related knowledge as the basis for making informed decisions. We call this approach "smart lobbying ".

Commerzbank's Public Affairs department follows the current debate on political and regulatory issues in Germany, Europe, and internationally. Public Affairs monitors and analyses draft legislation, enabling the Bank to develop its positions on the relevant topics. To do so, we also maintain close links and communicate with academics and researchers. The Bank participates in events connected with politically relevant issues. Furthermore, we engage in an open and transparent dialogue with significant political and social stakeholders. Commerzbank hosts regular events series, establishing a platform for continuous exchange of opinions and collaboration. These events include "Commerzbank im Dialog", "Politisches Frühstück", "Mittagswerkstatt/Lunch Lab" or "She VIP".

Commerzbank has established the Guideline for Political Communication to define a clear framework for the appropriate cultivation of political contacts and interest representation. Integrity and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of Commerzbank's business. The transparency and probity of lobbying are, therefore, essential prerequisites for our political advisory. Based on these principles, Commerzbank also complies with the Guideline for Cultivation of Contacts in the Political Arena of the German Public Relations Council (DRPR) and the Political Lobbying Principles of the Association of German Banks (BdB).

Commerzbank and its representatives of special interests welcome initiatives to achieve greater transparency in politics. Commerzbank has registered itself in the EU Transparency Register and the Lobbying Register for the Representation of Special Interests vis-à vis the German Bundestag and the Federal Government.