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For Commerzbank, climate protection constitutes an important aspect of its corporate responsibility. On the one hand, this is reflected in the Bank’s core business via, for example, our commitment to renewable energy or emissions trading. On the other hand, it is also shown in our endeavours to continuously reduce our ecological footprint. During the last few years, we have managed to significantly cut carbon-dioxide emissions. At the beginning of 2015, we took the next logical step: remaining greenhouse-gas emissions are being compensated through the purchase and retirement of high-quality CO2 certificates. As such, Commerzbank is working in a climate-neutral manner.

In the climate strategy, Commerzbank set down the reduction of its own CO2 emissions by a total of 70 percent by 2020 in comparison to the base year 2007. Thanks to a number of measures in facility management and mobility in particular, we have already achieved this goal in 2018, two years ahead of time. The climate neutrality of the banking operations also covers carbon-dioxide emissions resulting from the commuter traffic of employees, which constitute almost a quarter of the total emissions.

With respect to the compensation, the integrity of the emission-reduction projects as well as that of the certificates generated by these projects is essential in adequately compensating for carbon-dioxide emission. For this reason, we have defined clear principles for the selection of the projects, referring to the quality of the certificates, the types of technology that are employed in the prevention of CO2 emissions, as well as to the countries in which these projects are located.

However, “reduction rather than compensation” will continue to apply in future. After all, the best emissions are those which are not generated in the first place.