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September 10, 2012

Commerzbank strengthens commitment to Turkey

● Martin Blessing: "We are and will remain a reliable partner"

● Present on the Bosporus with a representative office for 25 years

● Anniversary celebration in Istanbul on September 7

Commerzbank AG will continue to be a reliable business partner to Turkish banks and companies in the future. "We are convinced that Turkey will continue on its successful course thanks to stabile political and economic framework conditions," said the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, Martin Blessing, at a reception to mark the 25th anniversary of the Commerzbank representative office in Istanbul on September 7. "You can count on us," underlined Blessing.

Commerzbank opened its foreign representation in Istanbul in 1987. In this very first year it played the lead role with the first foreign bond to be issued by the Turkish central bank since the foundation of the republic in 1922. Commerzbank today has close business relationships with all the major Turkish commercial banks. Moreover, it is committed to long-term export financing, above all in the field of renewable energies. The product range spans trade financing, structured financing and foreign exchange trading. "We are building on a reliable partnership - in good times as well as in bad," said Blessing.

In the past decade the Turkish economy has seen impressively dynamic growth. This environment holds attractive opportunities for investments, not only for Turkish companies, but also for German firms. Germany is the leading partner in trade with Turkey and investments there. In return Turkey is playing an ever more significant role as a trading partner for Germany. The bilateral trading volume in 2011 was 28.5 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 27.3%.

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