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November 26, 2009

Commerzbank and HVB ensure clarity with VIP Medienfonds

• Banks offer investors settlement

• Investors in VIP 4 guaranteed 95% of their cash contribution by the end of the term

• Settlement of the capital shortfall for investors in VIP 3

Commerzbank and HypoVereinsbank are offering a settlement to all the investors whose participations in the VIP Medienfonds 4 were brokered by Commerzbank. Furthermore, Commerzbank is also submitting an offer of compromise to the investors whose participations in the VIP Medienfonds 3 it brokered. The banks are thus ensuring clarity for the investors. The objective of the offer of compromise is the settlement of numerous legal interpretations of complex legal issues with the two funds.

Offer for VIP Medienfonds 4:

Commerzbank and HypoVereinsbank guarantee the investors the repayment at the end of the term (30 November 2014) of 95% of the cash contribution made by the investors themselves (54.5% of the fund participation). In addition, at the end of the term HypoVereinsbank foregoes personally drawing on the investor from the loans taken out to finance his participation in part (45.5% of the fund participation).

Offer for VIP Medienfonds 3:

The investors receive an immediate one-off cash payment to the amount of the capital shortfall that will result by the end of the term on the basis of the current outlook.

All of the investors whose participations in Medienfonds VIP 3 and VIP 4 were brokered by Commerzbank will receive a detailed offer in December 2009. This communication will also include the respective contact persons for the investors regarding the offer by the banks. Under certain circumstances the costs incurred by the investors will be reimbursed with a lump-sum payment. The deadline for acceptance of both offers is 15 January 2010.

Press contact:

HypoVereinsbank :

Hartmut Pfeifer + 49 89 378- 44959

Commerzbank :

Adrienne Giehl-Spaniol + 49 69 263- 85788

Dennis Bartel + 49 69 136- 26528