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I don't know - but I'll have a look!

It feels like you have just yesterday decided what you want to study - and now the next challenge is already lurking: Which job suits me later and how do I find out? By trial and error!!!

That's why we offer internships in all our divisions - no matter whether you are a Bachelor or Master. And let me tell you something: We need you and your fresh wind, your new ideas and your "questioning" as much as you may need us to find out what suits you.

We are looking for the areas:

• Audit/Compliance/Legal
• Finance/Controlling
• Information Technology
• Investment Banking
• Communications/Marketing
• Customer Advisory
• Organization
• Human Resources
• Product Management
• Risk/Credit/Financing
• Strategy/Analysis
• Transactions/Operation

Duration: Between 2 and 6 months.

As a general rule: “the longer the better“. Since this is not always compatible with lecture times, you can also complete an internship with us from a duration of eight weeks. In exceptional cases, internships in the legal department starting at four weeks are also possible. And we also offer you the opportunity to use your time for important practical experience between your Bachelor's and Master's studies. If you make good use of this opportunity, you can be accepted for our study circle programme after your internship: Then you made a wise "as well as"-decision for university and practice!

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