FImetrix: Distinguished Provider 2020 FImetrix: Distinguished Provider 2020


FImetrix confirms Commerzbank as a top performer for EUR transactions for the 8th time in a row

2020 Distinguished Providers in Global Transaction Banking Announced

FImetrix, the leading market research firm for financial institutions, announced the 8th annual "Distinguished Provider" category. 468 interviews were conducted with Senior Level Executives at banks in 66 countries across the following regions: Asia/Pacific Rim, Latin America, Middle East/North Africa, North America and Western Europe.

The banks included in the survey represent the largest banks within their respective country, and they maintain significant cross-border cash and trade activity. Outcome: Commerzbank is one of just four banks around the world designated as a "Distinguished Provider 2020" for EUR transactions.

About the FImetrix “Distinguished Provider” category

Respondents to the survey evaluated the relationships that they maintain with U.S. and Western European banks in support of their international cash and trade transaction service needs. Currencies evaluated in the interview were U.S. Dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling. Respondents rated their leading providers on 18 attributes related to operational efficiency, customer service, technology, product range, and the skill set of their people.

Within each of the geographic regions, the leading attributes that have the greatest influence on predicting overall satisfaction were identified. Based on this analysis, each provider was scored on their ability to deliver a high degree of customer satisfaction to the banks within the region. A consolidated Global Satisfaction Score was produced by taking each provider’s regional customer satisfaction score weighted to reflect the given region’s contribution to World GDP (GDP statistics are based upon figures published by the World Bank).

Providers who are active in regions that cumulatively account for more than half of the total World GDP were eligible for consideration. Providers whose Global Satisfaction Score exceeded the average were bestowed the designation of “Distinguished Provider”, indicating that they have gone above and beyond the market standard in delivering services to their customers.

With the award "Distinguished Provider 2020" FImetrix confirms Commerzbank as a top performer for EUR transactions.