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October 28, 2009

Commerzbank with new brand

• Clients can access all key services in all branches already from Q2 2010 onwards

• New brand comprises Commerzbank brand name and three-dimensional ribbon

• Blessing: "A new bank has to set new signals visible from the outside"

Commerzbank today unveiled its new brand. The new brand and logotype is composed of three elements: the Commerzbank name in a new font, the colour yellow and a three-dimensional ribbon, enhancing the Dresdner Bank logo. The ribbon connects customers, employees and investors. The new logo reflects dynamics, continuity and stability. The new brand type and logo visibly incorporate elements from both Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank. A new brand promise, 'Achieving more together', completes the package.

"A new bank has to set new signals visible from the outside. It was important to us that all customers continue to recognize 'their' bank in the new bank. That will allow us to take advantage of the strengths of both brands", said Martin Blessing, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank. "The brand promise stands for the core values we would like to be measured by - partnership and performance." As market leader for private and corporate customers, the bank aims to be the best bank in Germany for its clients. Blessing: "We want to be the first choice for customers, employees and investors. We see ourselves as a 'Hausbank' (principal bank). We build long-term relationships and we stand by our clients even in difficult times."

"We regularly ask our customers how they feel about the integration process. Many clients would like to see the branch offices integrated more quickly, a wish we take very seriously. We have therefore moved the branch integration forward by six months", said Ulrich Sieber, responsible for Human Resources and Integration in the Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank. "This means that all branches formerly belonging to Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank, respectively, will operate under the Commerzbank brand name starting in the second quarter of 2010. Key services will then be offered in all our branch offices and customers will notice no material difference between branch offices that previously belonged to Commerzbank and those that operated under the Dresdner Bank brand name."

By then Mittelstandsbank customers will each have their specific advisor. On July 1, 2010, branch managers and regional branch managers will already take on their new duties, also six months earlier than originally planned. IT is to be integrated in several phases. Rather than a full-scale migration during the fourth quarter of 2010 as originally planned, the integration will be carried out in steps starting already in the second quarter of 2010 and finishing one year later. The bank has to this point reached all integration milestones before or by the planned deadlines.

The new logotype, along with photo, video and audio materials, is available for download in the press area of our website.