Safe online banking

Commerzbank uses the latest Internet security measures. But we also need your help to protect you. Always be vigilant when it comes to your online banking.

  • We're here to help you protect your money, your personal information, and your privacy.

Your security comes first

With our photoTAN and mobileTAN (transaction authentication numbers) we have introduced new and innovative security measures. Your advantages:

  • Encryption ensures maximum security
  • No need for paper-based TANs anymore

photoTAN: Tomorrow's technology on your mobile phone today

The photoTAN is an image of small dots (approx. 1x1 inch) that is sent to you by Commerzbank and generated on your PC screen. This image contains the transaction data. You can then scan the graphic using your mobile phone or an additional image scanner. The software decodes the image data and displays your transaction data (e.g., amount and name of the recipient of a transfer) as well as a seven-digit transaction number on your phone or reader. By entering this TAN via the PC, the transaction is released.

If you do not have a mobile phone suitable for the Commerzbank photoTAN app, you have the option of purchasing an affordable scanner with us.

photoTAN does not require the installation of additional programs on the PC and is compatible with any mobile network provider. You only need to download the certified photoTAN app from Commerzbank.

mobileTAN: Tried and tested

The mobileTAN method (also known as smsTAN or mTAN) uses the short message service (SMS) of your mobile phone to send you a TAN for one specific transaction only. The SMS contains not only your TAN, but also other important data, such as the amount of the transaction and the recipient.

Using mobileTAN is as easy as receiving an SMS. You only need to make sure that your mobile phone is configured to receive SMS. Note: Your mobile phone number must be registered with a mobile operator in Germany or one of the neighbouring states such as Austria, Switzerland, or France.

An additional software installation on your PC is not necessary.

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Download the app for your smartphone here

We take your security seriously

In order for you to be safe, we have taken the necessary steps to ensure a secure Internet banking environment.

Our security measures when you bank online with us:

  • Authentication with username, PIN (personal identification number) and a digital certificate. If your PIN has been entered three times incorrectly, the account will be blocked and you will need to contact your local branch or our technical support
  • Additional level of security via authorisation with help of a PIN
  • Timed log out and measures to prevent simultaneous log in
  • All communication between your computer and the Commerzbank servers is encrypted
  • The “closed” area of (where you conduct your online banking, for example) is separated from the Internet with the help of a firewallWhen logging in at, you will see your last log in details and can react accordingly if you suspect that someone else accessed your account

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Steps you can take

We need your help to protect you. Always be vigilant when it comes to your online banking. Remember: Our staff will at no time, either in person, by telephone, or e-mail, ask you to disclose your access data, PIN or TAN.

When logging in, make sure you only use the following URL and use extreme caution when doing your online banking on public computers (like at an Internet café). Avoid using the computer if you have the slightest doubt that someone might have tampered with it. Once you are finished with your Internet banking, log out by pressing the red button “Abmelden”.

You can also set a transaction limit to prevent excessive misuse, in case someone else logs into your account.

You should also make sure that your anti-virus software and your operating system is up to date and that you have secured your wireless connection at home.

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